The most powerful crossbow available today!

When thinking about purchasing one of the most powerful crossbow today, one of the questions people often ask is compound or recurve bows. So, for those of you who are considering making the move to this not so primitive weapon, we will explain some of the good and nad points about the various weapons available.

Developed through out the centuries, it has has evolved into a much more accurate weapon than was ever imagined. Sometimes small and light enough to be fired with just one hand, with the larger pull version requiring a two handed rifle approach. The more refined hunting bows are so accurate, they can be used effectively for hunting at very good distances. Stick a rifle scope on the bow such as Nikon Prostaf P3 Riflescope and your accuracy is extended dramatically.

10 Best Crossbow Reviews 2019

Model Velocity
Ravin Crossbows R15 Predator 425FPS
Gearhead X16 Hunter Crossbow 350FPS
Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant 420FPS
TenPoint Venom Crossbow 372FPS
Excalibur Matrix Grizzly 305FPS
Horton Storm RDX 370FPS
TenPoint NitroX 440FPS
Bear Archery Fisix FFL 375FPS
Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 350FPS
SA Sports Empire Beowulf 360FPS

Types of crossbows | Recurve or Compound?

The name ‘recurve’ comes from the shape of the bow. It has a single string that makes the bow easy to use and maintain and has the more traditional shape of an old style bow. This bow is simple and because it does not have pulleys and cams are very simple to maintain. The simplicity of this design is what makes the recurve reliable. There are hunters who do not shoot anything except this type for this very reason.

The compound bow however, uses a pulley system with intergrected cams to create a large amount of kinetic energy. Compund bows tend to be smaller due to the bow, but generally weigh more, this is due to the additional cams and pulley system.

most powerful crossbow


Recurve’s do have many advantages over compound models, but also there are some disadvantages you should be aware of.

Disadvantages of the Recurve Crossbow.

1. Recurve’s tend to be larger and wider in the bow and less compact. Recurves can be about 24 inches wide at the widest part of the bow. Compare that to a compound, which is about 2 thirds of that width.

2. Recurve’s Produce Less Power (Less Kinetic Energy). Recurve bows can never achieve the speeds and power of a compound bow. More power means more speed and distance.

3. The recurve is normally cheaper, as less complicated.

Disadvantages of the Compound Crossbow.

1. Compound bows are plainly more complicated. The cams require maintenance, and if the are not aligned properly, the power and accuracy will diminish.

2. Compounds have more moving parts, more chance for things to go wrong.

3. Compounds tend to be more expensive.

How far can you shoot and kill with the a powerful crossbow?

The question that arises frequently among hunters is, how accurate are they at 100 yard distance?  Many people have heard that  they can shoot and hit a target at 100 yards. People in the archery range say that they are like a rifle. Many of those people never shoot arrows or have very little experience with them.

When the arrow is shot it loses energy. The heavier arrows leave the bow at a slower pace, but at target will hit with a heavier force. Lighter arrows travel quicker, but at target have a smaller punch.  Arrows shot to 100 yards will take about a second to reach the target, so the shooter has to decide which type of arrow is required to bring down the game. If its a deer sized target, then the heavier arrows will almost certainly be required.

These are amazing weapons, but are not designed to shoot long distance. They’re accurate upto around 50 yards, but of course there are exceptions. If you have a 400+ fps model, accurate shots that can be achieved are at the 80 to 100 yard range. So the conclusion is, you will be looking for a 400 FPS model if you want to shoot at 100 yards.

The drop of the bolts at distance.

A 300FPS model can shoot an arrow to well over 500 yards, but if you want to hit a target consistently and bring it down, then the effective range is about 170 yards. To shoot at these distances, you will need to be reasonably practiced and allow for such things as drop and wind. To give you an idea, a 400 grain bolt fired from a 350FPS bow will drop the following,

  1. At 20 yards no drop at all from target.
  2. At 30 yards 3.8 inches dropped from target.
  3. At 40 yards 10.8 inches dropped from target.
  4. At 50 yards 21 inches dropped from target.

Comparison of the most powerful crossbows.

Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS

Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS

If speed and power is what you are after, then the Scorpyd Aculeus 460FPS is probably one of the top rated for power. At 460 fps, there’s not much competition to beat this model. The draw weight for this bow is 180 lbs, and the specification is outstanding. Its aggressive in its looks and has a weight of 7.5lbs.

TenPoint Nitro X

TenPoint Nitro X

Looking great and standing at just 7 inches the TenPoint Nitro X. will impress the best. It has a narrow profile and stands just 7 inches. This model is equipped with a Range Master scope that can compensate for speed, to ensure that your shots are precise and quick.

The manufacturer packs six EVO X bolts in the kit, so out of the box you can take a shot sytraight away. This bow has 440 fps available so its up there with the best.

Excalibur Matrix Mega 40

Excalibur Matrix Mega 40

The Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 is one of the fastest recurve models you can get. The Matrix Mega 405 can shoot at 405 fps producing kinetic energy of (127 ft.lbs).

The Matrix 405 is a full package bow. The package contents include the Twilight DLx scope, a detachable quiver, 4 x Diablo bolts, 4 150-grain field points, and a rope cocking device with an instructional manual. Warranty is for life.

Barnett Whitetial Pro Str

Barnett Whitetial Pro Str

The Barnet Whitetail is a 400 Feet Per Second model in Tru Bark Camo. The Package includes a premium 4×32 illuminated scope, Side Mount Quiver, Two 22″ Headhunter Arrows.

Its a 400 fps bow that will shoot as fast and as accurate as nearly all of the models tested.


Wrapping it all up!

Making a decision on the basis, of the power of the crossbow is an easy option. However, combine speed, power and accuracy is difficult because there are so many different variables. In fact, the old way of  thinking that more power is always better, may not be the best option.Anyone who is a beginner needs to way up all of the options before splashing out top dollar for a bow like this. 460fps sounds fantastic, but make sure you can use all of that power, and make sure it’s accurate, so at least you can hit what you’re aiming at.

If you have come to the decision that power is an issue, and you truly want and can handle the awesome 460fps, then buy the best that is available, and which you can afford. The best bow here is without doubt, the Scorpyd Aculeus 460 . This version of bow has been designed specifically for power and speed enthusiasts, and comes in a wide range of options. This bow will not disappoint you in any way. It’s a little on the expensive side, but it is easily the best. This is the bow which truly is the most powerful crossbow and fastest in the world.