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Using arrows xbow or as it is sometimes referred to by archers under 35, has long been the subject of rules and regulations. pope innocent i outlawed the use of time in europe in 1139, saying, “the abb bowstrings deadly art, hated by god, bow, is not to be used against christians and catholics, on pain of excommunication.” times change in mississippi, it has long been standing policy of mdwfp to allow crossbows to be legal for disabled hunters with a special permit as well as hunters 65 and older, to use during the primitive weapons and a gun time.

The rule of thumb is that until they can physically manipulate a standard bow or compound bow, and can prove it with documentation from the va or social security administration, they are ready to run for crossbows. often the abb bowstrings only avenue available to get their bow is fought for by mail order and internet catalogs some local stores carrying the ‘specialty’ item. sporting goods shows and gun shows are often only had fake toy crossbows fired bolts or plastic sucker-tipped arrow. well, times have changed again in 2009 crossbow full integration, to allow all properly licensed hunters to hunt with a bow throughout the state during the regular season, failed to pass the state house.

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However, enough phone calls and letters from groups such as the mississippi crossbow federation kept coming to jackson to support the initiative. on may 19, 2010, five members of mdwfp commission voted to change the previous regulation to define crossbows as regular archery equipment and allow crossbows to be used by everyone in the early season archery 665,000 acres of wildlife management areas states ( wma). while not as spectacular as 2009 proposed legislation, it is an important step toward allowing users to make xbow game throughout the state. by 2010 general crossbow license will be made available to any hunter, resident or non, to allow them to use a bow and arrow to take a period of primitive weapons and gun season for deer.

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The $ 12.29 general crossbow permit is valid only during the two periods, and use it the hunter must also have their sport (or all game hunting / fishing) and archery / primitive weapon permit. for out of state hunters permit is $ 10 higher. the magnolia state has embraced the arrows with open arms, presented the aisle after aisle of devices on display at the bass pro shop in pearl. in fact, most sporting goods stores in the state that i have been through at least one pair of shelf crossbow models to compare.

According to wayne king of mississippi crossbow federation, more than 2,300 magnolia state holding the crossbow permit currently take to the woods. while some bowhunters see the arrows as cheating, xbow aficionados counter when compared to a hunter taking white tail with a scoped rifle firing match grade nosler partition 300 yards, the time is still very primitive. this argument is used as well as when comparing time with breech-loading single shot rifles legally used by muzzleloaders during the primitive weapons season. “to call an occasional tool and a twister scoped composite stocked.45-70 a primitive weapon in the same state is confusing,” said robert martin, a bow backing from gautier.

Martin is a disabled hunter who can not afford to use a compound bow anymore and is now hooked on crossbows. when the state legislature will continue in 2012, the mississippi crossbow federation will continue to push for laws that may finally allow all mississippians to hunt deer and turkey with a bow to all the open season from october 1 until january 31.