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Ship by sea bermuda? important information about sea shipping and overseas moving to bermuda bermuda is a british territory located in the atlantic ocean. it is situated approximately 700 miles from the north carolina and 1,000 miles from archery patchogue miami. actually consists of many small islands, the main island is sometimes referred to bermuda. bermuda consists of nine parishes and two municipalities with english as the primary language. with a long history of cultivating marine activities including a focus on shipbuilding, bermuda is home to a few different shipping port.

Shipping ports in bermuda include the port of hamilton, the port of freeport and port st george. if you are sea shipping to bermuda, be sure to have an inventory of all the goods that you are shipping by sea. you will also need archery patchogue a letter authorizing the agent destination clear your shipment to bermuda. when shipping by sea to bermuda, a customs bond 33.38% of the value of the goods is required. this is usually determined by the insured value of the goods. if duty and customs fees are lower than the deposit, you will be refunded the difference. similarly, if the duties and fees are more than the deposit, you will be charged the difference.

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When international shipping to bermuda, some customs regulations to understand in advance. as is typical when sending to many international destinations, your presence on customs clearance in bermuda is advised. used clothes are allowed to enter duty-free bermuda and you can also send used books in bermuda duty free. when dutiable and restricted items shipping by sea bermuda when you are sea shipping items to bermuda, please note that you may need through duty fees on new items. it is important that you provide invoices for any new items you are shipping to bermuda.

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In terms of duty fees when overseas shipping to bermuda, duty paid for appliances is 33.4% of the customs assessed value. duty archery patchogue paid for furniture and sporting goods, when sending in bermuda, is 22.25% of the customs value. usually you can send antiques in bermuda with duty fees assessed to 8.5% of the value customs. the customs value is usually less than what the shipper value but it is a good idea for the shipper available to answer any questions on the customs officers may have time analysis and unloading of cargo shipment.

You are also expected to pay a tax bill on any alcohol and tobacco products. duty fees on alcohol and tobacco will be assessed against the bermuda customs tariff. any person can import duty free up to 200 cigarettes and 50 cigars in bermuda, plus 1.137 liters of spirits and 1.137 liter of wine. if you need international shipping for fruits and vegetables in bermuda, or any item that has contact with the ground, you will need an import permit from bermuda and your goods will be subject to inspection on arrival by the department of agriculture , fisheries and parks in bermuda.


Any goods that are falling agricultural inspection bermuda is destroyed. prohibited items when sending by sea bermuda when shipping by sea to bermuda, some items are prohibited. the following items are prohibited from sending bermuda: any kind of weapons including: flick knives, blowguns, spear guns, crossbows and other weapons were confiscated narcotic drugs guns and ammunition (unless accompanied by a permit signed by the commissioner of police in bermuda) explosives (including pyrotechnics of any kind) gold or silver coins pornographic material politically sensitive literature vehicle shipping to bermuda if you want to ship a car or motorcycle in bermuda, please note that vehicles sent to bermuda must be less than 6 months old.

Motorcycle over 100 cc are prohibited from shipment to bermuda. there are certain restrictions on cars shipped to bermuda based on engine size and capacity as well. for anyone sending a car in bermuda, duty fees do not apply. you will also need to obtain a license from the transport control department to bermuda on board a vehicle to bermuda. bringing a pet to bermuda if you are moving to bermuda and want to take your pet with you, make sure your animal is at least four months old. you will be required to obtain an import permit for your animal to the department of agriculture, fisheries and parks.


You will also need to have a health certificate for your animal given by a licensed veterinarian in your own country. please note that the name, date of birth, race and description of your animal is required. choosing the right international sea shipping companies can help make your experience overseas moving and international shipping to bermuda desirable. you can get a fast and free shipping quote from cargo experts, or you can call toll free 1-866-994-7822 for more information. based about 30 miles north of miami, florida, cargo experts was formed by a team of professional moving and cargo shippers committed to delivering outstanding customer service as they take care of all the details involved in your overseas cargo shipping.

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