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Troubleshooting tips & tricks – runtime error 380 runtime error 380 is usually characterized by a message will display an ‘invalid property value’ dialogue with your computer. runtime error is essentially axeplosion lombard encountered problems in windows when trying to link the chain of instructions that allow for successful implementation of a program when loaded. programmer designed program often encounter opportunities in a variety of different situations in which the file is missing and orders are not followed t. as they try their best to control the problem and print out an almost perfect piece of software published, they never can compensate for literally millions of hardware and software configuration out into the wild world of computing.

Runtime error 380 is simply a code that tells you a certain link in the chain is broken or damaged, unable to complete the command to allow whatever it is you’re trying to do to load. in this case, it is usually a problem at the root of the name and corruptions / problems within the visual basics directory. technophiles might be able to get around the problem by locking in the program with errors and repairing the damage (sometimes just need to change the names of certain files and command line / directory). sometimes, error 380 may also mean that a program is running with initial understanding of the older version of .

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Ocx file in visual basics library – and your computer just happens to be running a much newer version . an update either way will help you to solve this situation. or the reason may be an outdated dll file (or missing) in microsoft visual basic 4.0 to 5.0 professional / enterprise edition. as you can see, the root cause of the 380 is quite varied and for the casual user, it will be more than a mere inconvenience. a quick look online will reveal more possibilities, so as i write this, i realize as the problems listed here could be just the tip of the iceberg ice.

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Instead of teaching you how to solve it with the specific details, i will let everyone who came across the problem in the first look at the registry. now, if you have no idea about how the registry works, then i advise you not to go to the unschooled and try to change the buttons and command line in her uterus. always, always use a registry cleaner that is designed to rifle through information on its fine furniture and clean up any problems or bad data in the registry. most of the time, such as a runtime error is due to null value, orphan data keys and bad program command line in the registry, either due to time / usage and attacks intrusive and malicious software.

Because windows depends on the registry to tell it what to do, you need to clean your registry to override the problems such as runtime error 380. not only does it go away, but you will find yourself with a faster pc and then you started with, and it is good value.