Axion Bow Sights Choosing A Speargun For Use In The UK

When you look to buy your first speargun the sheer variety of guns on the market can be quite daunting. when spearfishing in the uk our needs are quite different when fishing in other parts axion bow sights of the world. in this article we will look at different types of speargun available and what features it offers. first, there are two main types of speargun available, rubber powered and air powered. rubber powered spearguns are similar to the bow catapults and guns in that they enable the spear through the use of rubber bands stretched back then released to fire the spear.

Compressed air spearguns are powered by compressed air behind a piston which sits over a barrel. when the trigger is pulled the compressed air forces the piston up the length of the barrel pushing the spear at the same time. now we are going axion bow sights to look at the various rubber speargun as it is the most popular type of speargun used in the uk. price. spearguns (like most things in life) vary greatly in their prices. it is fair to say (in full) that the more you spend on a gun, better quality and refinement will be. guns price up to around 70 generally of lower quality.

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They are likely to use thin rubber (13 or 14mm is common) and use of poor quality gear spears / trigger. the 75-150 range where large amounts guns generally live. they normally use thicker (16 or 18mm) rubbers to provide more power, including the use of a higher grade of metal for the spears, thicker barrel of the gun, maybe even a ” rail “guide to help aim the spear and higher quality design better trigger mechanism. when you go over the 150 bracket, while the gun is normally still a very high quality, i think that the value for money gets lost.

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If you take a gun worth around 150 and compare it with a gun to say 250 – you have to ask yourself, “i’m going to catch axion bow sights more fish dearer gun?” the step between the entry level gun and the gun trade is one well worth taking, just be weary of some of the pricy guns may not offer any benefits to your fishing. size spearguns come in a range of sizes. they are usually made from as small as 35cm to 1.4 meters long. please note that when talking about the size of spearguns size in relation to the length of the barrel of the gun, not the complete length of the gun.

For example a “75cm” gun is approx. 1.3m when measured by the spear. it was the barrel that section is 75cm. so what is the difference in length do? simply put: the shorter the gun easier to move the submarine is. this can be an advantage in poor visibility, or when fishing up against the rocks or in the gully’s / weed. the downside to this is that the gun does not have the sheer power that a larger version will provide. bigger guns, while they offer better power and more precision, they can become unmanageable in confined areas. the most popular guns for use in the uk tends to be a 75cm.


This size is large enough for fishing with more open water and also manages ok more confined conditions. if you only owns a dimension of gun there are always times when you wish you had a bigger or smaller version, sadly the only answer to this problem is to own a selection of size and use the most appropriate in the given time. other features of the gun can offer including, reels, bungees, filament line. as to how useful the above depends on your personal preference. reels is useful when shooting larger fish because it gives you the opportunity to “play” the fish.

You can release the reel and back up once the fish is taken. the fish can wheel and you can reel them easier. also reels can be used if your spear gets jammed in stone. as before you can release the reel and swim back to the surface with your gun hand leaving only the spear below. bungees is a simple “add” if they are not usually in your gun. costing around 7 they act as a shock absorber as well as making it easier to re-route your lines when setting up your gun after a shot. bungee gives you some “stretch” with a line which you have no one.

Filament line is both powerful and performs better in water than the “string / line” used in certain guns. a set containing crimps used to fit (you can not tie knots like a string) will cost around 4-5.