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“horton hears a who” – a beautiful adaptation dr. seuss was a master of children’s books for a simple reason, children enjoy the funny situations coupled with repeated rhymes. because of that fact, it is amazing that film companies delight changes suess’ Banded Swivel Blind Chair twenty page book with full length movies. in the latest picture, “horton hears a who,” it becomes more attainable. this is one of the best adaptations due mostly to the fact that they are adapted to the more serious plot line seuss book. the story is about “horton the elephant” setting out on a quest to save whoville, which is really a speck on a clover (in “horton world).

By master comedian like jim carrey, carol burnett, and steve carell, a little more laughing than what is done, is expected. that aside, the film is “cute” in every sense. jim carrey voices “horton,” a very excitable and imaginative elephant with the faithfulness of a true friend. the best character in this movie, “horton” cares for others and lets his imagination fly, making him a good example for children. “mayor,” (voiced by “office” steve carell) is a sensible yet caring family man who becomes “horton” friend and his voice of reason. while “mayor” is cute to score, his character is forgettable. carol burnett’s comedic genius has been the voice of “kangaroo”, an anal and often unbearable rule maker who is out for the destruction of the particle, which has wrecked havoc on his jungle.

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“carol burneett” is generally impressive, but in this one his character is just a character. it made for a great conflicting point for the film. the computer animation was fantastic. at some point (most landscape shots), you really believe that there are places like whoville and elephants can communicate. computer animation advantages is that it creates amazing new worlds that seem so significant that they can be true. the beauty of color put in animation can make you feel like a child again, where everything is bright and beautiful. laughs are very well placed all around the area.

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While children may laugh (monkeys throwing bananas), adults may be too (the donkey joke is hilarious). another plus is that the humor is sarcastic. very sweet jokes are rare in children’s media now-a-days. “horton” teaches the audience that no matter how small something is, it can always make a difference. though others may think the particle is useless, it is a small world. it must respect as everyone else of a larger size. just because we can not see it or feel it does not mean it is not there.

“kangaroo” insists the opposite throughout the whole picture, but the “horton” proves her wrong. if one of just a few steps out of their own little box, they will find new experiences to discover. life is everywhere and in every little thing. “horton hears a who” is enjoyable for children and adults alike. children go for the laughs and the elderly for the very good message. some may laugh, cry, sleep, or just enjoy. but in the end it really does not matter, because what makes a good family movie is the ability for everyone in the family to feel something different (even sleeping is probably not the best reaction).

“horton” certainly delivers. rachael rizzo has been acting since she was nine years old. he uses his experience to write about what the things she loves to tell her (mostly movies and baking). he was twenty-three years old and lives in beautiful oregon.