Bear Archery Salute Maverick HP Crossbow Vs Defender Crossbow

Maverick hp crossbow crossbow defender vs from a historical perspective, there is no definitive date on which the first crossbows were used as military weapons. however, extensive artifacts and designs Bear Archery Salute are known to exist since 4 bc. as such, crossbows have a significant role in military warfare in east asia, the mediterranean and europe. nowadays, crossbows and archery is practiced mainly for target shooting and recreational activities. tenpoint crossbow technology are known for their state-of-the-art design and occasional model. the company aims to become a world-class manufacturer of crossbows that meet industry standards for safety, performance and power.

Moreover, it also puts a premium on taking care of mother nature, humane treatment of animals and the expansion of recreational shooting and hunting. one of the common entry point in the 6-series line up is the maverick hp. featuring the deadly synergy of blinding speed and raw power, it is time to shoot an arrow at 325 fps with a crushing 98.5 foot-pounds of pure kinetic energy. moreover, the maverick hp decided with a 175-pound field-proven hl limbs. 3x 2 proview scope enables users to have a clear line of sight, even in the densest external situation. weighing in at around 7.

Bear Archery Salute – TenPoint 2011 Maverick HP Crossbow Review

5 lbs., which this time was modeled with acudraw cocking mechanism for efficient reload. tack-driving accuracy and penetration of traveling, and the stock is fully camouflaged assembly bow for hunting in the woods and in the forest. another reliable tenpoint arrows are located within the cls series. the defender cls is an interesting combination of tenpoint cls bow and technology 6-point series technology stocks. the compact limb system, this crossbow shows 12-inch 175-pound isotaper thigh partnered with maximum rotation (mr) cams. as such, the defender’s bow assembly is able to generate an excess of 330 fps.

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Armed with a hunter-friendly 13-inch power stroke and a flexible 17.5-inch axle-to-axle span, this time is the perfect instrument for shooting a hunter looking to upgrade its current set-up. much like the maverick hp, the defender crossbow is equipped with 3x proview 2 domain of tenpoint. weighing in at around 8 lbs., and the acudraw acudraw 50 can also be used in particular tenpoint time. as a treat for its customers, tenpoint offers deluxe 4-hx arrow quiver, with instant detach lever lock accessory for both maverick and the defender. a field cap tenpoint staff and instructional dvds owners are also included in the package tenpoint crossbow.