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Reading do not fix a problem or make a solution? this past weekend i attended the national convention for call centers in montreal. the name of the organization camx. i have met over boerne flower shop the years conventions some amazing people who have been very successful in our industry. my article this week about a comment made by john ratliff, ceo of appletree during a presentation he made to convention attendees. john asked this question during his presentation. “?” for me the answer is easy however i also need to ask the question why to fully appreciate his intentions.

It is understanding the question where the solution lies. there are loads of problem solvers out there who love to fix things. it is the nature of man. very gratifying. john point even getting something that is not permanently fixed. it can break or go wrong again tomorrow. creating a solution to the problem brings you closer to making the problem go away indefinitely. here in lies the game changer. john really got my attention when he threw it out. what an interesting perspective. my interpretation from a success point of view it brings us all closer to the removal of things that repeatedly get in the way of our personal success.

Boerne flower shop – Make Yourself a Solution, Not a Problem – IIT Delhi Students with Sadhguru, 2017

On the most simple level when we fix the problem we are reacting to an event or something went wrong. when we create a solution we both fixing the problem and insuring that the problem will not keep coming back. problem solvers are working on their business and solutions-driven individuals who are working on their business. briefly. when you work on your business you are just a cog in the wheel. when you are working in your business you are the one who tunes the engine.

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My opinion the most difficult part of making changes to the solution strategy is to schedule the time to fully understand why the problem occurred. we must also understand that the creation of a long-term solution takes planning. when we found the solution we need to prepare a policy or an instruction manual on how to deal with this issue should arise again. the objective being that someone else can deal with the problem and not just a person. in business, if there is more than one person who can deal with the problem then we remove the weakest link.

Mr. ratliff had insisted that one should ask “why” question five times really start to understand why it happened. asking the question why is the first part in creating solutions. when we create a solution to personal problems and issues we are better able to focus on things that will take us to greater heights. what we want in our pursuit of overall success is to remove the things that keep us in a state of limiting beliefs. our lives can be easily controlled by reacting to obstacles. if we eliminate reoccurring obstacles we create a solution. this will allow us to spend more of our time doing proactive work that will bring us success.

Success is living in the activities we do towards making us grow.