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Game review: call of duty black ops pros: intense and widespread campaigns new story telling has never before seen in a call of duty multiplayer game system will be further expanded with money and theater mode allows combat training bowsite wi players to play against the ai ??before venturing online for competition cons: campaign ends too soon over the past few years there has been a new entry in the call of duty series every year. each extending over more than the last. call of duty black ops’s entry this year and for sure lives up to the reputation that the call of duty series is renown for.

Everything you want from the earlier games are all included plus new additions that really add to the excitement. the single-player campaign is still hard hitting action has always been, but the storyline is more on the verge of a thriller genre. the story follows the cold war and the events that take place during the 1960s. travel to places like cuba, russia and vietnam. the story is different in the fact that you are playing a series of flashbacks while interrogated by an unknown voice. each flashback to receive another part of the puzzle story leading up to the thrilling conclusion.

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The campaign is approximately six to seven hours long, but the multiplayer will have you coming back again and again. the competitive multiplayer has many new additions and all have their place in black ops. the biggest addition is the money system used. as you level up and gain experience, you also get points cod. these points are used to buy new weapons, attachments, gun camos, face paint, clan emblems, and playercards. the clan emblems and playercards is the equivalent of emblems and titles found in call of duty: modern warfare 2.

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The well-known multiplayer games can be found in black ops under private matches and player matches. there is also another type of game called wager matches where players can bet their own money and play some outrageous types of games. the game wager match are: one in the chamber, sticks and stones, sharpshooter gun and game. one chamber is made up of players having a pistol with one bullet and three lives. players will receive an extra bullet to achieving a kill. sticks and stones is a kind of game where only the crossbow, ballistic knife and tomahawk is used.

Sharpshooter on each player receives the same random weapon every 45 seconds and receive perks to having killstreaks. the last game is a gun game in which players start with a pistol and progressively get more powerful weapons with each kill. the first person killed all 20 weapons will win. zombie mode also makes a return in black ops. the first zombie map continues the storyline of zombie mode from world at war. there is also a second map upon completion of the single-player campaign where many well-known figures in the position of fighting to survive. call of duty every year brings something new and exciting to the table.

Black ops will prize this year. although it does not really add any new mechanics, the call of duty core is still there, it will add a new layer of excitement to the single-player, multiplayer and co-op. the extensive and intriguing storyline campaign makes the best call of duty series. black ops is the largest in this year’s first-person shooter that gives veterans and new players some of the best experiences. gameplay: 9/10 graphics: 8/10 sound: 9/10 replay value: 9/10 overall: 9/10