Bowsite Wi Top 5 Crossbows Of 2014

Crossbows top 5 of 2014 5. barnett wildcat c5 crossbow barnett is a name of power when it comes to quality crossbows. the barnett wildcat c5 crossbow takes the number five slot in the top 5 of crossbows 2014. it offers speed, bowsite wi convenience and performance. it has a high-energy tires, lightweight composite stock gam, a cable system and thumbhole grips with new strings crossfire. it is the best selling bow all the time, and it is one of the most complete crossbows for its price point. features: there is a draw weight of 150 pounds, and could shoot arrows up to 320 feet per second weighs only 8.

5 pounds energy production of 97 feet per pound dimensions 35.25 by 26.75 inches it barnett wildcat c5 is insanely accurate , and can even be fatal last 60 yards. bow it is easy to accumulate largely due to the fact of it being manufactured bowsite wi in the us. crossbow is relatively light, and it’s not hard to shoot whatsoever. crossbow has 3 dot sight, though, is not the best sight, it makes do. priced at $ 300, it is no wonder why barnett wildcat c5 is one of the best selling crossbows at all times. 4. barnett ghost 350 crt crossbow barnett ghost 350 crt the crossbow is a pure killing machine.

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It offers an insane amount of speed, capable of topping 350 feet per second, with a force of 109 foot pounds of energy. it barnett crossbow featuring their patented carbon riser technology, and safety ratio of 5 to 1. weighing in at right around 7.5 pounds, this time is relatively light, yet is stronger than any game needed to die sword. features: features an ultralight, durable carbon riser safety ratings of 5 to 1 with an anti-dry-firing system crosswire string and whiplash cams shoots arrows up to 350 fps with a draw weight of £ 175 crossbow is current top selling crossbow from barnett.

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The crossbow barnett ghost is compact, safe, quiet, powerful, and last but not least, inaccurate. quiver is not the biggest, nor bowsite wi the domain of the largest, but that’s the same for all crossbows stock. for the price point, it does not get better than barnett ghost, which is why the barnett ghost 350 crt crossbow is one of the best crossbows of 2014. 3. the excalibur ibex crossbow excalibur ibex smf smf crossbow is number 3 of the best of 2014. an excalibur crossbows top-seller, this time is so compact and quiet, yet still very powerful and amazingly accurate, backed by guarantees precision excalibur.

Crossbow it is very easy to assemble (some reported to have assembling it in 10 minutes) and is very durable. features: one of the lightest crossbows around £ 5.9 shoots up to 305 fps with a draw weight of £ 175 overall length of 36.4 inches with a power stroke of 14.5 inches ergonomic thumbhole stock excalibur is known for producing leading crossbows at affordable prices. it ibex smf is one of the best crossbows on the market, with little to no negative feedback. the bullet proof design makes the bow nearly free service, and durable for years to come. limit allows for the convenience of shouldering, yet the power allows the bow to take down a trophy sized game.


This crossbow is not a force to be reckoned with. 2. barnett penetrator crossbow number 2 spot in our countdown of the best crossbows 2014 among barnett penetrator crossbow. this bow is a good balance of speed, power, and precision, and still make a lot of noise. the penetrator crossbow is a very tough time, and can go more than 100 times without sacrificing quality shot. one of the many features this crossbow is shoot through foot stirrup enabling a more powerful shot. features: shoots up to 350 fps with a draw weight of £ 175 shoot through foot stirrup anti-dry-firing system 12 inch power stroke produces 116 ft / lbs of energy for under $ 400, this time is a steal.

The barnett barnett penetrator is a jewel, which contains a solid build, with an ability to hit hard, in a blink of an eye. crossbow that it can take anyone for hundreds of shots, and preserves its accuracy. despite being a little heavy bowsite wi weighing in close to 9 pounds, the weight is distributed very well, and is easy on the shoulder. the range of time is quite fair for its price point, and sights quickly. 1. matrix 380 excalibur crossbow the crossbow that grabs our number one slot in the top 5 of crossbows 2014, the excalibur crossbow matrix 380. this is a game changer.


This is the first ever, actually compact recurve bow; most recurve crossbows are wider than traditional ones. this matrix 380 kicks butts its predecessor’s in each category. crossbow is more limited 6 inches, 4 inches shorter, and nearly a pound less weight than his closest opponent. features: shoots up to 380 fps with a draw weight of £ 260 13.1 inch power stroke ergonomic-grip stock anti-dry-fire system making 112.3 ft / lbs of energy the total limit of this excalibur matrix 380, is what separates it from the rest of the time the market.

This crossbow is so tiny that it can fit in a double rifle case. being so small, the simplicity of this matrix 380 makes it better. almost any problem you face can be handled smoothly by yourself on a given instruction manual. it’s that easy. crossbow that it also leads to power, producing 380 fps, with a draw weight of £ 260, which in turn, may even kill an elephant; there is seriously nothing to give north american animals to escape a hit. excalibur crossbows are known for accuracy, but matrix 380 is exceptional. crossbow has been reported to be 1 inch groupings from more than 70 yards.

Name 3 other crossbows that can do this. you can not. what happens when you add up the time limit, with insane stopping power it provides? you get the best time of 2014.