Cbe Tek Hybrid 3 Pin About GI Joe The Rise Of Cobra

About “gi joe – the rise of cobra,” “gi joe: the rise of cobra” stepped onto the screen in a large number of loyal fans’ expectations. this is a great popcorn movie, nothing worth mentioning in the plot, though. what impress Cbe Tek Hybrid 3 Pin the audience is the dazzling scenes, as well as the burning of high-tech props. now, i’ll show you some representatives: 1. nano-worms missile it is considered the most lethal weapon in the film. this tiny warhead capable of corroding a tank out shortly. not exaggerating, a city will be razed to the ground if you leave it without control.

The famous eiffel tower collapsed in the film thanks to this strong power. however, you may not want a terror weapon will come out. actually, this powerful thing is not less than the atomic bomb which the development should Cbe Tek Hybrid 3 Pin not be arbitrary in a world calling for denuclearization. reality index: a converted hummer 2. a simple military hummer suv becomes a powerful tank in the film, including bulldozers function. it is capable of running over the car in front next to the shovel aside from launching powerful bombs. it is dubious for so many high-tech missiles packed with hummer. however, the dream of building such a tank without considering the quality may be achievable.

Cbe Tek Hybrid 3 Pin – Cobra attack Joe’s Base – G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

You may also be familiar with being james bond’s car and motor’s batman movie. they are also similar to its converted hummer. the question is under what circumstances was the idea of ??turning a vehicle into a bulldozer useful truth? reality index: aaa 3. high-tech crossbow this is a major weapon of the heroine, which is often present in the film. it is very much like a bow, but does not need to match the arrows. it will fire a laser beam or a pulse-like object in the target after pulling the trigger (do not worry about running out of ammunition), where the power is not less than the rocket artillery.

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I wonder if you realize it or not, largely depends on the size of the gun. reality index: aa 4. night raven fighter Cbe Tek Hybrid 3 Pin it is capable of intercepting a missile through the ultra-fast speed. meanwhile, it can heat pulse based on the voice-activated system. from the shape, we can see that the prototype should be the f22 fighter planes in the us army. pulsing electro bomb came forth the truth. however, no fighters could catch up with the missiles yet. theoretically, i believe that we can see in the near future if the united states department of defense is really “interested” in allowing the aircraft to reach the missiles.

There are also a number of different sizes of nano-technology aircraft. in addition to the strong pulse bomb, they seem to have very strong ability to prevent attacks. reality index: aa 5. stealth combat clothing makes you invisible by filming the whole scene behind you hope to return here. it is almost invincible when you have a close fighting. japan has been studied by stealth clothing line a few years ago, but “invisible” effect is not so impressive, really. it is difficult to keep stealth in a non-stop action. similarly, it was reported that the us military do the colors of the clothes on the line with the environment based on the principle of light refraction, while it can not solve the “invisible” issue of perspective changes in motion.


Reality index: accelerating aaa armor 6. a person can achieve 50-60kph operational armor. it can buffer the collision as well as the gun attack by connecting to the brain, armor is able to read the instructions, respond at once. the us military is developing the person’s armor, electronic display equipment, communications equipment, weapons and armor along. but the outcome is a lot worse than the movie. nor is it accelerating function. however, we believe to see the impact of film through continuous improvement in the future. moreover, the official us department of defense said that it is only 6-7years armor early in the us army.

Reality index: aaaa 7. baroness’ glasses glasses are not high-tech weapons, but given a close-up each time in the movie, highlighting the seductive mystery of the baroness. with a tight leather suit, a pair of cool sunglasses, he looks very sexy movie. the lenses suddenly became colorless, transparent indoors then, the same as ordinary eyeglasses. the photo chromic lenses are not uncommon in reality. lenses will change on various occasions by ultraviolet light reflection. some excellent lenses, such as the transition known, even sunglasses under the sun, than ordinary clear lenses indoors. the conversion, though not as attractive as in the movie, can be realized within a few seconds.

Ordinary photo chromic lenses typically cost dozens of dollars, 200 at most.