Ek Archery Cobra R9 Crossbow Shooting Tips For Accuracy

Crossbow shooting – tips for precision crossbow hunting is the fastest growing archery hunting style in the united states. in the last few years many states have changed their laws of the game to allow all archers to hunt with a bow or Ek Archery Cobra R9 you make it easier for an archer to obtain a bow hunting permit. many new crossbow shooters buying goods online or from stores that box and do not receive hands on training or instructions on proper time strategy shooting. here are three simple tips to all bow hunter must follow in order to achieve the best possible accuracy of their arrows.

1. cock your crossbow properly – if you want to repeatable accuracy is important to your bow string is latched in the exact same place for each shot, preferably in the middle. if you are cocking by hand it is easy to vary the latching point. most people have a “strong” over-arm pulls compared to their other arm and puts the string off center. cocking aid can also put the string off center if they are not centered on the start of the pull cycle. off center cocking can vary the impact point as much as 12 inches at 20 yards. to avoid this problem center the string in your hand or claw of cocking aid and keep it centered around the draw cycle.

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String can be marked with a permanent marker on either side of the barrel resting. the scores were then used as a visual aid for determining when cocked center. if you have cocked the bow and the string appears off center, pull up the string like cocking and carefully work it sideways until it is returned to the center. 2. use a break – rifle hunters are taught to use a rest as possible when shooting for the best accuracy. it is more important that the bow hunter do the same.

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Become the fastest crossbows to shoot only 1/10 the speed of a hunting rifle. this means that the bolt may be affected 10 times more by moving from time to time shots as would a bullet. most of the accessories used by rifle hunters for rests like bipods and shooting sticks can be used equally well by a bow hunter. each bow hunter increase their accuracy immediately by the use of accessories. 3. keep it close – many new crossbow hunters think they will be able to take game animals easily 50, 60, 70, or more yards.

While a bolt fired by a modern bow will have the energy to kill the distances it lacks the flat trajectory needed to guarantee the kill zone hits per hour. a crossbow bolt traveling at 350 feet per second (only achieved by modern, high performance crossbows) will drop a full 12 inches by the time it travels 30 yards and more than 48 inches at this time travel 60 yards. this means that over 30 yards underestimating or overestimating target range by only a few yards can result in a complete miss. because some hunters judge sets with precision required distances past 30 yards bow hunter must limit themselves to the shooting distance under it.

By following three simple rules hunters maximize their success with a bow. by tim stahl author owned archery proshop for over 15 years. he maintains the website crossbow-reviews.