Female Bowhunters The Secret Of The Horton Vision Crossbow

The of the secret vision horton crossbow the word is out, horton crossbow vision has redefined the way the world sees crossbow accuracy, balance and stealth. i started my journey in crossbow female bowhunters ownership for the first time i shot my buddy’s barnett predators. we drag out a rinoblock some open space in his family hunting grounds and after a quick tutorial i was lining up my shot releasing my first screw on target. i was absolutely amazed by the power and precision. fast forward a few months and a group of research later, i was in a bass pro, mouth watering in their choice of compound crossbows.

I’m sure that i had easy sale written all over me. i told the sales person what i was looking for and he took a handful of crossbows to shoot. i’m pretty sure he set me up for the latter he gave me the vision horton crossbow. a 175 lb pull it took some muscle to cock sucker even cocking sled. then i took it, felt the balance, and shot if the first time i know that the right time for my needs. of course i had no idea what it cost. the balance horton crossbow vision looks a lot different than the traditional bow in reverse draw design.

Female bowhunters – How To Maintain a Crossbow – Horton Crossbow Innovations Instructional Video

The limbs start from the back of the range and not the presence of weapons like all other crossbows shot that day. the reverse design makes it extremely well balanced without sacrificing strength in the limbs by cutting weight. this allows you to take a more robust objectives in a more relaxed position than his predecessors forward draw. sound accuracy all crossbows that i have shot ended up being pretty accurate, same story horton crossbow vision. the monte carlo style cheek piece is a big plus and so is the balance.

The scope included in the package also does the job. i have no need to replace it. the cost price of the vision horton crossbow is about fifty to a hundred bucks more than most other bows that i shot at bass pro but once you shoot it you will fully understand why.