Fuse Archery Stabilizer Crossbows Tenpoint Excalibur Horton Barnett And The Evolution From Primitive To Perfection

Crossbows – tenpoint, excalibur, horton, barnett, and the evolution from primitive to perfection cupid is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock shots projectiles, often called bolts. they date back as early as 600 bc in china. fuse archery stabilizer historically, crossbows played a significant role in the war in early asia, europe and the mediterranean. in the beginning the day they are made of wood, as the man progressed he learned to use a metal such as iron and steel, which made the weapon more powerful, accurate and deadly.

Early bow string is made of hemp because it is one of the strongest and least elastic fibers available. in ancient times the bolts for stronger crossbows were several times heavier than arrows. an early advantage of the crossbow fuse archery stabilizer is that it is an ideal weapon for young boys, old man or a sick soldier. one of the disadvantages of the bow is that it can only shoot two bolts per minute, compared with a bow skilled user could release between 10-12 arrows per minute. bow is very popular in ancient greek and roman armies. many conflicts are determined through the use of this weapon.

Fuse archery stabilizer – TenPoint Nitro XRT Crossbow vs Cast Iron Skillet

As things progressed the crossbow was introduced medieval europe in the 11th century. fashioning the bows themselves also required great technical skills. as crossbows evolved early in life can be cocked by hand, but as people improved it and made them stronger, they became harder penis. the europeans also improved the strength of the bow around 1370 ad. they also began replacing wooden bows with metal. cupid is quite capable of penetrating the armor of a knight. the higher power requirements of strength greater than the strength of human muscles in the penis.

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Foot stirrup evolved allowing humans to cock more powerful crossbows. one of the greatest developments from time fuse archery stabilizer history is the “cocking rope” devise with two handles, reduced pulling effort by 50%. hand cranking devises installed on crossbows, allowing the most powerful of all the bow cocked. they have a hand crank that when turned pulled the string back simple. enhanced crossbow is very accurate at 360-400 meters. the crossbow remained a principle item in the arsenals of european armies until their gradual removal of gunpowder in the 14th century and15th.

In modern times the crossbow remains popular. in peru, equip them their soldiers with crossbows and ropes to establish zip lines in difficult terrain. brazil’s jungle warfare training center also trains their soldiers in the use of crossbows. the us is known to use horton, excalibur crossbows & tenpoint in the middle east theater. in cambodia they have been successfully used to detonate trip wire for land mines and booby traps. in serbia, barnett crossbows are used as counter sniper weapons. now is a totally different ballgame. the ancients would roll over in their graves if they knew of high tech crossbows today.


Materials such as fiberglass, carbon, high-grade aluminum, etc., not available in ancient times, the crossbow was refined in a modern, state of the art, deadly weapon. today bolts, with a razor blade broadheads, and aluminum / carbon materials for the shafts has really made the crossbow a force to recon with. tenpoint, excalibur, horton and barnett are among some of the most popular crossbows used today. these fine instruments are a huge market for hunters. excalibur – they are not big business cashing in on crossbow hunting, they will bow hunter making crossbows.

Their priority is to make the most efficient, reliable, and accurate crossbow that money can buy. excalibur has won the us national crossbow championship for the last 8 years and the canadian 3-d championship for the past 6 years, excalibur guarantees that each bow is capable of shooting groups of less than 3 inches at 25 yards with broadheads or targeted tips. the lightning fast recurved limbs turn out higher speed than other systems compound. the trigger mechanism has a pull that will make your rifle jealous. many consider excalibur to be the “cadillac” of crossbows. barnett – from their beginning 40 years ago barnett began as someone’s dream.


Barnett crossbows were designed by hunters that incorporate comfort and style with high-performance, precision hunting equipment. barnett engineers have been fuse archery stabilizer pioneers in the development of the most desired features in a hunting weapon. lightweight, adjustable, and powerful, barnett is a leading manufacturer of crossbows and other archery equipment. tenpoint – top of the line tenpoint, remains a first in crossbow technology, innovation and precision. now they hold 12 patents with many more currently in development phase. tenpoint holds the patent for the technology trigger unsurpassed by any other time in the market today.

They also hold the patent on dfi (dry fire inhibitor), ensuring their crossbows can not be fired without an arrow. their patented accudraw is a user friendly cocking aid to continuously load time each time. tenpoint’s motto has always been “superior value for your hard earned dollars.” they received “inside archery’s” best buy award for 2005 and 2006. horton – working crossbows for almost half a century makes it the oldest and largest manufacturer of crossbows today. horton is a world leader in high-performance hunting crossbows, steeped in tradition and performance, horton proudly makes some of the finest crossbows on the planet.


In 54 years i have spent most of my life in the woods hunting. my time is an excalibur equinox. i’m currently living in western pennsylvania in an area known as unit 2b, where crossbow hunting is legal. in 5 years i have added 4 whitetail trophy to my collection, thanks to this weapon. the power and precision of time is mind blowing! for my brother john, the horton legend sl is his weapon of choice. two whitetail trophy in the last two seasons. with the power of the weapon both total shots were “pass through”.

My cousin joe requires a superior quality tenpoint shadow cls. because he was only recently purchased it, no trophies yet, but the team 50 yards with a crossbow is unbelievable. heaven help the next deer that mistakenly comes anywhere near his arena. it’s easy to say that the three of us are very grateful that we live in modern times and have at our disposal the cutting edge high tech weaponry. if you have never experienced the thrill of a bow hunt maybe the time has come. the rules and regulations regarding crossbows vary vastly from state to state, to become familiar with your specific state laws and hunting seasons, regarding crossbows.

Happy shooting !!! i’m serious outdoor lover and no bigger thrill for me than to bow hunting. it is way more challenging than gun hunting. cupid has always intrigued me as a weapon throughout history. my partner sharon and i have our own website outer relevant, as again, is my passion.