Iq Rangefinder Sight Chicken Invaders 3 Revenge Of The Yolk Easter Edition Game Review

Again, interaction studios came out with an updated version of chicken invaders 3: revenge of the yolk easter edition for. it is another funny story line starting from the beginning of the prologue. we humans are eating, grilling iq rangefinder sight chicken. now is the time of chickens take revenge against us. previous episodes demonstrate that the intergalactic chickens invaded earth, seeking revenge. they came out of nowhere, and everywhere. then came the hero on a spaceship and only one person who managed to save the earth, and that is you! but it is not over yet.

The chicken is trying to invade the earth once more. if you have not played chicken invaders before, this version of easter edition is having a similar style shooting game except it has a more complex shooting opponents (chicken, gulp!) and colorful graphics easter spaceships / egg. you need to wear your nonstick egg-repulsing helmet, save the world and fight for the victory. chicken invaders 3: revenge of the yolk easter edition, you can use the keyboard or mouse as controls. arrow keys to move up, down, left or right as space for fire and enter for missile. basically it is the simple mechanism for shooting games.

Iq rangefinder sight – Chicken Invaders 3 Easter Edition Final Boss

To start the game, you can choose the difficulty of the mission from rookie (as a beginner), veterans or superstar hero (for advanced shooters). prologue is an easy thing to start with. here’s a big bunny throws the occasional easter egg down the spaceship. you need to shoot the bunny with all your strength and prevent the eggs at the same have limited life line and if you hit any of the eggs, a life is lost. after shooting and exploding it rabbit (accompanied by drum sound and music for the victory), you move to the next stage.

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Only then realized an important stuffs that went on in your mind. ha! your stomach is growling and you are hungry! now you must fight against more crude chicken for food, otherwise you will be their food instead. along the way, you will meet with acrobatic chicken seems to be able to fly fast and furious in the sky. avoid colliding with them. remember to collect all the fried chicken drumsticks and burgers after you fired chicken. general chicken invaders 3: revenge of the yolk easter edition is a highly addicting game because i was pretty busy with all the shootings.

The graphics have improved since the last chicken invader series and adjusted easter edition theme. the storyline seems a bit funny though, but i guess that is the whole idea of ??chicken invader invades earth after tolerating all this while suffering from the people. while i was fully occupied with this game, i give this game a full 5 stars because shooting game is not something that i was good at. i tend to move my mouse very quickly and lead to the spaceship collide eggs or chicken! perhaps you have a better luck than me, who knows? 🙂 to see more pc and online game reviews for casual games, visit mabelgames.

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