Killzone Crossbow Broadheads The Key (A Fairytale) Chapter 2 Ariya (Part 4)

A few weeks passed by without further sign of ariya, as i continued this strange quest for a mystical key. i do not know where i was going, or maybe i did. at any rate, one morning while i killzone crossbow broadheads was wading through a flooded area after a heavy thunderstorm, i found myself sinking. the more i struggled, the deeper i sank. conqueror started in but ordered him to hold, while i remained motionless and tried to think. i know that quagmire likes to victims in the struggle, so i will persist, but nevertheless, has been declining slowly, as i frantically looked for something to grab on to.

No branches are affordable to the middle of the mud hole where i found myself, so i tried swimming motions with my arms, which almost proved disastrous as i sank within inches of my nose. predatory towards, disobeying my orders, killzone crossbow broadheads and started sinking as well, but got close enough that i was able to grab his mane and hold up myself. now we are both sinking. suddenly, an oddly tree uprooted itself from the edge of the pit and fell directly across it, near enough for me to reach. except for his head, however conqueror remained submerged, and with all my strength, i held his head above the mud with one arm, while struggling to hold onto the tree with the other.

Killzone crossbow broadheads – Fairy tail- Nalu Doujinshi Chapter 2- The future runs toward despair. Part 2.

We are both gone, but at least for now, we are sinking. the day dragged on interminably. we were not able to move, and even with a team of horses, conqueror was too heavy to pull out of the bog. as night fell, my arms were shaking from fatigue. i know that i can not hold much longer, and just as i was thinking that i’d rather sink myself than let my horse slide under the dark mud, the whole forest suddenly lit up as if fire.

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. . a blue-green flame. ariya just pointed in quicksand, and as soon as he is, predatory and i found killzone crossbow broadheads ourselves standing in the middle of a vast field filled with waves of violet flowers, so brilliant that they brought tears in my eyes. how could anything good exist? it was as if i giviong ariya is a glimpse of what might lie ahead. a moment later, we were back in the woods next to the quicksand pit and our life-saving tree stands tall next to the bank as if nothing had ever happened.

“my great king, you will definitely have a knack for getting yourself in trouble, do not you? ariya smile.” does it come naturally or do you have to work on it? “he never seemed serious about my encounters, perhaps because, for one thing, he never worried, and for others, he will probably know my fate, though i am working as i went. “how did that tree happens to uproot itself,” i skeptically asked. “trees know,” he replied. “well i do not know,” i protested. “if you are my helper being, why not you answer all my questions? “” because your question is silly, as you can see for yourself someday.


“” well they seem silly to me now! you at least answer one or two, because you already have it in saving my life again anyway? “” very well my king, “she smiled.” let me start this way: there are dimensions this thought has never had a beginning and never ending for a better word, i call the unthinkable original source aware of everything that ever was or ever will be, or we can call .. this reality. i’m just explaining something to your present consciousness, which is quite limited, can understand.

Is that okay? “” yes, “i replied.” now, unimaginable love this source emits can not be contained, so it flows out then it builds up in various qualities in his travels ;. creating both physical and spiritual existences in such quantity and variety, it is beyond description. “one of the forms, a person, eventually generate enough intelligence to recognize it is separated from the pure consciousness of reality from which it had sprung. people do this separation by muddying the pure consciousness reality with worldly pursuits. when this identification occurs, and it happens intuitively and without any knowledge of muddied-up thinking, a natural yearning for a reunion with reality develops.


Anxious that it then develops into a efforts to return, but at this point, people have no idea where he is coming from or how to get there. “” why killzone crossbow broadheads is the source not only keep the consciousness clear, then are made not to go through all this trouble to return, “i asked. “” since the source is not a creator god. “” then answer it, ariya, “i said, pointing to the stars,” why all this ;? ?? why not simply “with a broad smile, ariya then said that he was convinced that i possessed the necessary intelligence to find the key, because the question i asked the fundamental philosophical question of intelligent people ‘ and in every sphere, “why not nothing?” “okay, you asked a good question, the classic question ;? why not ‘are you ready for your answer, “he inquired playfully.

” ready? “i said. it was more like it. i’m getting some real answers now!”.. okay, here is your answer to my king because the source is pure love and because of this kind of love can not be integrated, “he explained,” love has no choice but to flow outwardly love that flows out – again, words are not enough here, but it’s the best i can do with your limited language and intelligence, without guilt – the love flow out in waves of love, each having spontaneous as source works. the waves become heavier as they travel, eventually becoming energy before exploding into matter.


This results matter, originally from love’s roots, has no alternative but to return to the source someday. you see, everything cycles, and every act of love should be returned. it is a law, and this return begins for humanity when the prospect of some people of higher consciousness becomes overwhelming, leaving them no choice but to seek a way back to the pure sense of real reality. “what does ariya explained fully the pain that i felt, and the quest for the key must be his promised resolution. it is difficult to explain the feeling, almost as if something is missing, but i do not know what it is or when i lost it, as if i was in a fog.

I just knew that this gnawing feeling deep inside will persist until i got it back. ariya continues, “source breathes out and his love creates everything, then the source breathes in and all is returned. the weather in human computation required for a breath of source, however, unimaginable, so it will be eons before the source breathes in and all is returned. “” if all is returned, “i protested,” why go through hard effort to find the key? i’ll just wait! “” when the source breathes in, “he continued without missing a beat,” the material universe collapses back into pure energy, then return to its source, but it will be a long hours from now, a very long time.


Instead of suffering thousands upon thousands of people rebirths where you are faced with the pain of birth, and then the struggle for survival and eventually die, why not escape physical appearance ever in this very life? “unfortunately, this longing to return to your loving source to reality, can not understand the people of the whole consciousness. they feel a longing too, of course, but because they are immature spiritually, they mistakenly believe that the world can satisfy that longing, not grasping the vastness of origin. consequently, this is where they spend every moment of their time, playing with things in the world.

Because of their perception is fundamentally flawed, they keep banging their heads against the walls of the world, but getting something uncountable suffering untold failures, hoping for fulfillment and happiness will find; .. they are looking in the wrong place, trying to find gold in the barnyard and just finding the horse shit “conqueror stomped his feet but i can not help smiling at ariya’s candor. he was charming. i can not believe his wealth of knowledge and its ability to provide them. suddenly, i heard the unmistakable “thunk” of a bow, followed by the distinct sound of an arrow makes it zips through the leaves.


Before i could react, however, i found myself in a vast desert surrounded by stars and silence. the constellation is unique. i could do the “southern cross” i’ve seen drawings, sketched by mariners ventured to the far southern reaches of the world, but i had no idea where i was. “there are those who seek power as you did, my great king, and they will go to great lengths to secure it. you have a lot of enemies, out of this kingdom are conquered and from your own court , which, by the way, has now taken control of ayatana.

They were afraid of your return and the resumption of power, so they sent soldiers to kill you, secretly placing a bounty on your head. the warriors and mercenaries are paid well for your property, so you must be alert at all times. i will killzone crossbow broadheads protect you when i am near, but i can not guarantee your safety at all times, therefore, need you will always observant. i now take you too far from your assailants, but soon you’re back to your forest, where they persist. all it results from your previous actions, which i have no power to change. “with a mischievous look he then said,” i must go now.


You are in a safe place. as long as your heart aches for something with such ill feeling overwhelms you unexpectedly for no apparent reason, and the sight of flowers with colors so deep that brings you to the tears; then you need not overly concern yourself at risk, but do not be foolish things struck you for always close to look for it when you smile at a baby, and in its infancy, .. they smile back, and with no words spoken stare at each other in amazement. “stay true to your quest, my king .

. .until we meet again.” i looked up at the southern cross disappeared, replaced by the familiar star pattern my old forest. i will come back. (to be continued)