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Crossbow archery for sport and hunting archery has always been a popular sport, and longbow archery may be the purest, most basic form of the sport exist. from pre-history through modern times, some form of archery is present in most cultures Mathews Archery Shirts and almost all continents, but it was not until relatively recent history that the time has come. crossbow archery, which is also known as the english longbow, and it is also called the welsh bow (which is a kind of tall bow developed for archery), is a type of bow that is built during the medieval period that occurred between 500 – 1450 ad cupid is a tall bow, standing well over 6 feet long if placed on the ground, and it is used both as a weapon of war and a weapons for hunting by the english, the scots and the welsh.

Cupid is particularly effective for the english during the 100 years’ war (1337-1453) against the french. and the time served to those who used it well for a large part of the medieval period, as the introduction of classic and powerful crossbow, which uses compounding technology to make for a stronger weapon. the classic bow from centuries ago is made of a wood called yew, while ash and other strong and flexible woods will make a good time as well. the use of a process that often takes as long as four years, the bow of structural wood pieces are painstakingly dried, then gradually shaped and curved for maximum efficiency and strength for launching arrows.

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This process can be shortened considerably by wetting the wood before the final shaping, but classic longbow purists insist on taking a shortcut through the wet can result in a much stronger bow. the draw weight (the force needed to pull the bowstring back into launch position) for the classic time may be too high, as some require up to 160 lbf (pounds-force) in a 30 inch draw length. maybe that’s why the ancient image of the warrior arrows show the men as well muscled and strong-looking, such as how to be very effective to use an ancient time! modern longbows typically require 60 lbf at around 28 inches draw.

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Of course, along with a much easier draw force comes shorter arrow trajectory – the arrows will travel much less far as shot from a modern bow. while there are not any records of arrows shot length for the classic medieval longbow, experts estimate its scope can be as large as 249 yards, provided ideal conditions. in contrast to a modern bow can travel 200 yards maximum. it is not surprising that modern arrows will shoot an arrow of a shorter distance than the ancient weapon – consider the difference in the draw force, 160 lbf vs.

A mere 60 lbf for a modern weapon. modern crossbow archery is alive and well, thanks to ancient hunters and warriors developing and refining this very important weapon. archery is a fun sport and a great way to spend fun time with your family! go to longbowarchery.