Mathews Archery Shirts The Key (A Fairytale) Chapter 6 Skeletons And Snakes (Part 3)

My breathing became labored, and as the poison worked its way into my heart, i wished that i had started my quest when i was younger, before the war. i also wished i had paid more attention Mathews Archery Shirts to the robed man who warned me to sweep the path! when searching for key words, it is not for conversation or amusement. the sorcerer crossed my mind too. i found it amusing that for once, he was wrong; i can not find the key to life, and would have to go back one more time.

Leaves rustled all around me, snakes everywhere, but then i heard something else – people down the path. this is a john with two other major seekers carrying brooms, and they seemed to know immediately that i had been snake-bitten. they Mathews Archery Shirts frantically swept the remaining snakes off the path and then one of the men drew a needle ?? from his robes and began to bore my head and shoulders with hundreds of small punctures. the other people because the vessel was tied around his neck, poured its liquid over my pores, and rubbed it in. next, they brought me to my hut and placed me on the floor, making me as comfortable as possible with john sitting next to me.

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He quickly instructed me for the next three days, i need to drink water and stay awake to keep the poison is dilute and roam, and not have a chance to live in my heart. when other people left, i asked a john how he knew i was bitten. “it is important for you to stay awake but can not move, so i will try to keep you from sleeping by talking to you and wake you doze off,” he said. “you have only a slim chance to survive, but i will do all i can to save you.

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If, however, i will also prepare you for death. to answer your question, i will practicing my inner work as i do most Mathews Archery Shirts of the night when a point of light came through the window. it will look similar to other non-material beings in the forest drop in occasionally , but this one is exceptionally brilliant, growing on a bluish-green, transparent form of an attractive young woman, maybe three feet tall with a distinctive large, dark piercing eyes. “i whispered,” ariya “. “when she told me that you are going to be bitten by a snake and was lying on the ground, i immediately ran out to find a key seeker with anti-venom.

Do not know what kind of snake will bite you i do not know which robed man to go because there are many different types of anti-venom to the villagers to prepare for us, and each person carries some of her bowl. however , i followed the point of light that guided me to a couple of hut where i aroused the people and we came as quickly as we can. fortunately, one of them banded krait anti- venom, and when we found you, we can tell right away by the smell that you are bitten by a krait. “ariya promised when i first entered the forest that he will always be there to help when i had exhausted my own efforts, but i also remembered what he said about the spontaneous.


I know my fate, as a result of snakebite, it is not within his power. he can only do so much. but i could feel he was in some strange way strengthening me, and i know i had it bites, like i did the fever and the quicksand, it would be because of him. a john looks at me like he was hesitant to say something, and then said, “i must tell you one more thing. ariya tell me that this was no mere accident. moosawa is tries to kill you. suspected i chased him from the very beginning and tried to keep an eye on him but he is very clever, stealing at night with bags of snakes and setting them loose in your path .

He is a bounty hunter disguised as a key seeker. “” why did not you tell me your suspicions early? ” “because if i did, would you kill him.” “but why did he go to the trouble of collecting all the snakes? he seems to have a crossbow hidden somewhere. why did not he just shoot me?” “well, for one thing,” said john, smiling, “he is apparently not a good shot! moreover, he had a problem explaining how a key seeker can be executed in this protected community . only a person who is living among us could have been the killer.


The question asked and suspicions aroused. moreover, he had to get back to ayatana to collect a bounty and that will be difficult. it is impossible to get a body out of the gate or cross this country without a good explanation. no, it would be much simpler to make it look as if it was an accident. then he could admit that he knows you are a king, and graciously volunteer to restore the body to its corresponding topics. “” help me up, i am going to kill him now, “i said, as i almost passed out.

I distantly heard john laugh, saying that i was not going anywhere, and i was lucky to be alive. he said that i should not be concerned about moosawa; and that he would meet him in his own way. i now only have to pay close attention as john is going to give me instructions for death.