Megamall Archery is the most advanced form of archery.

Target archery is the most advanced form of archery competition in the world at megamall archery. The type that is an Olympic sport Archers shoot at circular motion targets from a certain distance and can use many types of bows in competitions, including compound bows and bows. Target archery is practiced outdoors or in buildings depending on the season. The competition will be held both indoors and outdoors.

Megamall Archery field.

Field archery in field archery. Archer fires at the target. But while walking around the field with targets set up in different locations at different distances, sometimes involving shooting up or down a steep slope Although it is less well known than the target archer But there are fewer international competition in field archery Some archers like to shoot in forests or rough terrain. For many people, the attraction of archery in the field is set in close relationships with historical archers. However, one purpose of field archery training is to improve the techniques and abilities used in archery by shooting in outdoor areas that are similar to hunting locations. This is why field archery often takes advantage of three-dimensional goals in the form of animal games. (NB Archery hunting is illegal in the UK, although it is legal in some states in the United States. And most archery information that you find on the internet belongs to America).

megamall archery

The archeryClout clout is a form of archery that archers shoot at the flag (“the Clout”) from a distance. Shoot arrows into the air so that they bend down on the ground near the “clout”. Clout archery competition with a “clout” loop scoring zone. Each score depends on the zone in which it falls with the number of points that increase when the arrow approaches “clout”.

Intuition Archery
Intuition megamall archery┬áIn general, what attracts the attention of intuition archers is that archers shoot the gun with the help of all high-tech equipment such as shooting locations, stabilizers, clickers, etc. It will restore the bow to the basics or The necessity of archery shooting naturally and using “Winding rods” to shoot other vehicles (Although it takes advantage of the newest bow But different from “traditional” bows, which often means that archers make their own traditional bows)

Some instinctive archers aim at the arrow. But others use hand coordination and training based on a simple understanding of where to aim Therefore the archery name Archer (see the Greyarcher YouTube video)

Horse archer
Horse archers, according to the name suggest, are related to archers, archers, archers. (Usually very fast) while riding a horse Because archers must be able to shoot on both sides of the horse and twist around in the saddle to shoot at the back. The bow used to shoot the bow of the horse is quite short (like the Scythian bow). They are usually designed in design. To create energy even with short lengths

The most famous horse archer in history is Eurasia people, such as Mongol and Han. (Not forgetting the Native American tribes) In recent years, there has been a revival of interest in horse archery in countries with archery as part of their legacy, such as Hungary and Korea (see YouTube video. Of Kassai Lajos)

Archery Japan – Kyudo
Kyudo is a traditional Japanese martial arts, the way of the bow, and is almost contemplated as meditation. The modern kyudo practitioner is called kyudoka.

The bow used in kyudo, called yumi, is quite different from the bow from anywhere else in the world, with an unusual length in which the upper arm Yumi is made of bamboo, wood and leather. But some archers use bows that combine synthetic materials such as glass fiber.

Although kyudo is seen as a path to self-development But there is a kyudo tournament where archers participate in the competition