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Call it what you will. health and wellness, life enhancing, health enhancing, neutriceuticals, all-natural, herbal, anti-pharmaceutical have all been used. it is a billion dollar industry that continues to enjoy phenomenal growth. as demand expands Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Trapper Build internationally, competition will stiffen. the company financially sound and based on solid principles will survive. two safe bets are shaklee and itv ventures. if you are considering joining the “work at home revolution”, you can not go wrong with either company. there are many similarities and drastically different marketing plans. both have great products that are good for your health.

Deciding which companies are a fit for you requires a closer look. shaklee has been in business since 1956 and you have to respect that given ‘to hear one day. – gone tomorrow “mantra of web-based business in the industry the Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Trapper Build company recently purchased by roger barnett who now serves as chairman and ceo barnett. is a solid leader and constant promoter of the company he recently appeared on “the oprah show” as she is a fan of shaklee products; .. especially the get clean line which consists of earth friendly, non-toxic household cleaners shaklee has always been known for environmentally safe products and roger barnett seems to be expanding here and to spread the message globally.

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If you are in “goin ‘green”, shaklee is the home based business opportunity for you. if you are serious about starting a shaklee business, it is best to get the quick start kit for about $ 300 will receive a small sampling of products called a wellness pack and a starter kit with cds and pamphlets. as far as practice, they do a weekly corporate call, but for the most part it is done through uplines. some teams have developed a web-based business building system and you must use your due diligence in finding one that is a good fit for you.

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Otherwise, you will more than likely end up bugging family and friends to join you which is what many Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Trapper Build people resort to the traditional network marketing business model. enter itv ventures. itv in and of itself is a direct response television company that creates infomercials mostly for health and wellness products. itv ventures is an extension of the home based business arena. both were founded by donald barrett, who serves as president and host of the most award winning infomercials. trademark statement that the company was “positively impacting people”.

With itv ventures, barrett is expanding its mission beyond personal health and wellness for its customers in the financial health and wellbeing for businessmen joint venture with him in itv ventures. what makes itv ventures so revolutionary is that as an independent business owner (ibo) you have the option of joining the home agent program where you can take calls directly from the infomercial on your home phone and make sales. this has never been done before. most people join itv ventures at the premier level which is $ 299 like shaklee, however you get $ 400 worth of products. this is a one time offer and a great value.


Itv ventures has shaklee and many other companies beat in that area. you also get a leather briefcase, a quick start kit with cds and dvds, a copy of “the magic of thinking big” by david j schwartz, and a really cool looking itv ventures pen. other companies’ starter kits come with more bubble wrap on the product, but not so with itv ventures. you also get a fully functional ecommerce site for the life of your membership. you can literally take orders or present the opportunity immediately upon joining. by shaklee’s starter package, you get use of a shaklee.

Net site for 2 or 3 months and then they charge you a monthly fee for continued use. the three main ways you make money with itv ventures are retailing, referring, and residual. selling from your site, in person, or by taking phone orders are considered retail. itv gives a generous 40% – 50% commission on retail sales. referring to business people is optional. you do not need to recruit people who make money with itv ventures. many people opt to simply make sales in their living room and does not refer to others. many do both. there is a $ 100 commission when you introduce someone to itv ventures at the premier level.


Residual income can be accomplished in two ways. because itv sells consumable health products, many people reorder. your customers are tied to Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Trapper Build you for life and when they reorder, you get a commission. if you take a call from the infomercial, that will be your customers for as long as you are active. each time the customer orders, you get paid your 40% – 50% commission weekly. the other remaining part is 5% – 7% override on the sales of your group if you refer others to business. to take sales calls from the infomercials in the comfort of your own home, you have the option of joining the home agent program (hap).

Most people get trained up first as an ibo and then do the hap when they are ready. some people do strictly internet marketing. to join the hap, there is a small monthly fee with the purchase of call credit. it also requires a background check and test. most ibos get acquainted with the system and the products first and only join the hap when you are comfortable and ready for the next step they. if recruiting is not your strong point, itv ventures may be a better fit for you as you can make calls, make sales, build a customer base, and follow up and follow through leftovers -tirang revenue based on retail sales.

If you are interested in home agent program, itv ventures is a 30-minute infomercials for both popular products and the business opportunity itself so you can take calls for either or both. you can build a strong customer base taking calls the product, and build a team which is basically a virtual call center of ibos talking “bizop” calls. nathan bf gurley president of gurley residential appraisal services, llc and is an internet marketer.