Ohio Archers Association Electric Skateboard The Next Generation Of Alternative Transportation

? two years ago i saw something on the net that completely changed my life! a video about electric skateboards. since then i have had at least 3 different boards, which is as ohio archers association much a tribute to how much i love babies. but unfortunately it is their biggest weakness, they break easily. but i still keep buying new or buying parts for old ones. “the electric skateboard was invented by californian louis finkle. louis made the first analogue electric skateboard in 1993. then it took seven years to make it into production, and thirteen years later it has yet to reach the tipping point where we currently stand on the verge of mass popularity of electric skateboards “.

So what’s so great about an electric skateboard? they are extremely fast. we’re talking 20 to 25 mph and more. beware!!! besides being fast, it’s incredible fun !!! instead of taking a car for a short trip, now i glide my way to the back and newspaper stand. it feels like you are flying extremely low. when you zoom around you tend to look forward to (obviously), meaning you can not see your feet. it somehow feels like your gliding 6 inches off the pavement. the range is also pretty decent. the furthest i got was a 14 mile ride. after wards the batteries need a full charge up.

Ohio archers association – Ultra Portable Electric Transportation Devices/Electric Skateboards New Inventions For Better World

You control the board with a pistol grip controller that controls the acceleration and regenerative braking. it’s pretty easy to ride a electric skateboard even if you have never ridden a skateboard before. if you ask me, it’s a lot easier than a regular skateboard as you always have both feet on the deck. the only drawbacks of electric skateboard is that they break fairly easily and go slowly up the hill. i recommend the brand, e-glide, has a good warranty. 90 day warranty on the board and electronics.

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6 month battery warranty. there are 2 companies that make these boards: altered, formerly known as exkate, and e-glide. modified boards have a cool wireless controller, but the boards are made in china and the customer support is not the best. e-glide, on the other hand is very focused and do not care what they are selling. they concentrate on only using top of the range components to build their electric skateboards. furthermore it is the only electric skateboard companies that do not import premade powerboards from china. i personally ride the e-glide “44 magnum” a madrid board designed by crossbow usa.

More concave, and beautiful lines. at 44 inches long, it is a ferrari among electric skateboards. until someone invents the hoverboard, the baby is it !!!