Ohio Archers Association The Barnett Predator A Powerful Crossbow

The barnett predator crossbow a powerful hunters and hobbyists looking for a more powerful bow must seriously consider the barnett predator 18035 crossbow. this crossbow made by barnett ohio archers association can be considered the most powerful of all crossbows they were made. his power is further complemented by its durability which assures its users that it can be used for hours of hunting. the barnett predator 18035 crossbow can shoot arrows at speeds of 375 feet per second. speed is good enough to reach the target length range. the ability of the bow to fire bolts at the speed it was because of his foot stirrup; a feature that adds to the draw weight of 175 pounds.

If you are new to hunting and need to use a comfortable time, then the barnett predator 18035 is the one for you. it has an adjustable stock and cheek piece so that you can customize the time to make the hunting experience more comfortable for you. its rugged, durable and lightweight magnesium riser adds more comfort while using the bow. most novice hunters usually get bothered by the vibration of a bow. these vibrations can affect your accuracy and can cause you to miss your target. fortunately, the barnett predator 18035 comes with the features anti-vibration isolator (avi). this feature cuts down the vibration of time and reduces the noise footprint.

Ohio archers association – Barnett Predator Crossbow

With this feature, you can be as efficient and accurate as most experienced hunters. crossbow can also be easily used by people who are used to hold guns and pistols. it has a pistol-type grip and trigger pull machine which can make shooting a crossbow as easy shooting with guns. combined with a high speed cam and a good cable system, the barnett predator 18035 is designed for ease of use and convenience. here are the specifications of the barnett predator 18035 draw weight: £ 175 energy: 133 foot pounds power stroke: 16 inches speed: 375 feet per second string length: 38.

5 inches size: 37 inches long, 22.38 inches wide weight: 8 pounds the barnett predator 18035 is really the most powerful ever built by arrows barnett. a lot of users have tried it and was amazed at how deep it pierced their targets. crossbow it is also easy to master and you can be more accurate in hitting your target with just hours of training and target shooting. barnett name means pure quality time in the market and there are certain products that speak for themselves.