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Setting campaign called sedallia: land of sails. it is a fully fleshed out campaign setting takes place at seri iv, a planet dominated mostly by water, and divided into three distinct oneida kestrel recurve bow cultural areas. in the north, you have feudal country (technology circa 1200 ad) locked in an epic battle of good and evil. in the south, you have two industrial nations clashing in a total war destined to destroy one or both. in between, a vast and unforgiving ocean, occupied the island empires to make their lives and their fortunes by sea.

Sedallia is one of the island nation. the elves of sedallia will make a vast network of trade, and even with some small industrial development, even more controlled and effective than humanity. with the world around them embroiled in war, oneida kestrel recurve bow the transport and credit industries elves growing rapidly, as they supply the material required for their allies to win. however, their role as a neutral trade empire is destined to come to an end. but if anything is for sure, sedallia provides excellent opportunities for adventurers. if you become a pirate or an entrepreneur, a warrior or a priest, a criminal syndicate in an elven, or an agent of the crown.

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Below is an excerpt from the book itself: conquest of the deep blue aiel pushed through the doorway quickly, his doorman having opened up his command. the ‘deep blue tavern’ is one of the dockers’ best grossing taverns, and a great place for them to build contacts, so aiel, on the advice of his’ dhaildesh ‘, made it one of the first target in his war with the dockers. he stepped to the door, to find a solitary guard, leaning back in his chair.

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The man looked over at aiel confused for a second. aiel had blonde hair, pulled neatly into a oneida kestrel recurve bow ponytail, and emerald green eyes, bore no lines on her face. for what it’s worth, aiel looked like any other elf, if not for the tattoo on his right arm. however aiel is careful to wear a heavy leather coat to cover her tattoos, so people are still stuck puzzled when aiel pulled his bow, and leveled it to the heads of other elf’s. her eyes went wide, just milliseconds before the bolt lodged itself in his jaw, slamming up into his brain.

Elf died before he hit the ground. aiel second man was already behind him, drawing two well-cared for nickel revolvers. the weapons are shined a bright glow that made them stand out from the rest of the clothing of men and gear. engraved into the revolvers were ancient elven runes of retribution and destruction. the man held out both, securing the front room of the tavern. the last two men on the team quickly entered, heading upstairs immediately, to secure and make sure there are not any secondary guards. it is not likely, but aiel would not put it past the dockers.


Certainly, they expected him to strike at one of their drug dealers, or strike and seize some of their girls from one of their brothels. but aiel never did what they expected him to. he struck one of their legitimate fronts, the most profitable one. he needs to show them that he was not afraid to drag their war into the light. that he is ready to take the war to its logical conclusion if need be. only then would the dockers came to respect him for what he is, not some petty crime boss, but a lord, the “reaildesh” the lord of lords.

The team for the upstairs came down, signaling the all-clear, while the dining tavern held an aura of fear and dread so thick, that aiel would have pulled out a rapier and cut it like a wheel of cheese. he nodded just upstairs team, then moved past the barista. he moved to the door of the office also served as the living space for the owner-operator. ms. kelinea, one of the dockers’ more expensive courtesans, she was given the tavern, and retired from his previous profession, except for a few select clients. he is a legend in the docks, known as the flame haired one; her beauty is reminiscent of elven goddesses of old.


Aiel kicked the door quickly, drawing his own revolver and a knife as he moved into his living area. kelinea he found sitting calmly on his bed. he oneida kestrel recurve bow closed his book, and set a small chest and two buttons above the book. “they did not think you would come for me.” his statement was simple, he was willing to what happened, or what is about. aiel nodded, “and that’s why they do not deserve your loyalty. the dockers’ is done, in a fortnight, i shall control the docks, and what’s left of it is .

.. starved out. ” kelinea only nodded slightly. aiel moved towards the chest, which is already open. inside were a few gold coins, a small semi precious gems, a small sacred symbols, and the works on deep blue. the book under a simple ledger of profit and loss, and a record of the visit. aiel grabbed kelinea, pulling her roughly off the bed, and handing him his second man, from here, he was taken to one of the autos cinnamon house. he grabbed the little chest and books, and stuffed it into a bag he had brought with him. the rest of his team forced the rest of the patrons out the door.


Aiel locked the door to deep blue, even as the body of a guard was dumped in a drain pit nearby. one of the cars with cords and brought his strike team then sped off in his grasp kelinea. aiel smiled to himself. he pulled off a great first strike. the dockers have not even seen it coming. now the war can begin in full. he started to step off, toward his own car, which his medic waited for him. a single large pop rang out from the end of the alley.

Instinctively, aiel dove to the ground, rolling over and taking cover behind a bench. his team and his cordons also took cover. at the end of the alley, he could see four people, wearing the colors of dockers, advancing their position. they had guns, bows and swords. aiel sighed to himself as he loaded a clip of her repeating crossbow, “it will be a long day …” i hope you guys enjoy it.