Pyderweb Crossbow Target Horton Vision Crossbow Review

Horton crossbow vision review the new vision horton crossbow horton 175 is another innovation that has upped the bar for the bow hunter. horton crossbow vision may look a little funny pyderweb crossbow target at first glance because it has a reverse draw design that is not, in any way traditional. however, this non-traditional design allows for balance and precision that i experienced before i took this bow. if you have not taken the vision 175, get out to your local dealer and try it. once you pick up this time you can feel just how well balanced it is and how well it is made.

The mote carlo style cheek piece and over-sized weapons to help you to align directly over the trigger for comfortable shooting and increased accuracy. arrow groupings are measured and reported to 0.348 inches at 40 yards. i suspect these were the results when siting a bench is used but it is still quite accurate even when standing. stats at a glance draw weight – 175lbs stroke – 12 3/4 “energy (ft lbs) – 78.9 feet per second – 325 trigger weight – 5.5lbs