Scorpyd Aculeus 460 Review

The Scorpyd Aculeus is the perfect example of premium quality above price.  There are definitely more affordable crossbows that can perform exceptionally well, however there are some features that makes this crossbow so  appealing and wanted by many enthusiast?

Simply put, one of the obvious features and perhaps, the most important, is its speed. At up to 460 fps, it is way ahead and a lot quicker than your average crossbow. Amongst other incredible features, Aculeus quality and versatility make it one of the most desirable crossbows, as its plain to see that it is one of fastest crossbows in the world.


Scorpyd Aculeus Features

Aculeus comes equipped with some of the most amazing features you wouldn’t see on other  crossbows. Bearing in mind the hefty price tag, this crossbow isn’t expensive just for the sake of it.

Take for example:

The Kempf TEC SEER-LOC is an adjustable trigger. This trigger makes the Aculeus stand out from other bows. This was no easy feat as it took engineers five years of careful and deliberate improvements to make it such a special crossbow. This trigger feature executes so smoothly, it’s been said it feels as if you’re shooting a rifle whilst using the crossbow.

Apart from speed, precision is also key. The AcuDraw cocking mechanism helps to maneuver and steady each shot, aiding the 2.5 pound pull trigger to make sure each shot is precise. With half the weight compared to the average, this particular feature makes it a lot easier to move it about – and to aim flawlessly.

Having this crossbow is half the job done. The  illuminated XB1 SR scope will help you make sure each shot will land on the target.

The kit comes with more accessories to help you get that perfect shot. Upon purchase of the kit, you will also get:

  • 12 arrows
  • Grim Reaper broadheads,
  • Butt pad
  • A sling,
  • A fuse quiver.
  • A lube kit is also provided to help maintain the string in a perfect condition.


Noise and Vibration stops

Its all good having the perfect features, but none of that will help you hunt for long if you let your presence known. As much as speed and precision is important, it is also vital that your crossbow is as silent as it could be. And this is where the string stops come in.

These stops will also be provided together with the crossbow. It is such a vital part of this crossbow, ensuring any natural vibrations are stopped upon firing a shot from your crossbow. The strings are of superior quality, you’ll be sure no one knows where the shots are coming from, making them an indispensable part of your hunting kit.

The Aculeus’ Design

This crossbow has a draw weight of 180lbs with a total body weight of 7.5 lbs. Everything in this crossbow works to make sure it delivers the best quality hunting experience. Whilst this might not be the lightest one you’ll come across, it is NOT heavy either. One thing to bear in mind is that this crossbow is a reverse draw model, meaning that the crossbow is well balanced, making it feel a lot lighter than it is.

Another point to mention is that this is not a narrow and compact crossbow. It probably won’t be the best crossbow to take into small and cramped places, with it measuring more than 12 inches axle to axle when cocked. However, this crossbow is so well balanced, making up for said shortcomings. The maneuverability is something you’ll be pleasantly surprised with upon trying this crossbow for yourself.

It also offers another variety of the stock – in 1911 style grips, another bonus aspect you might be interested in.


The Scorpyd Aculeus is a top notch crossbow. It offers speed a third faster than average, making it probably the fastest crossbow in the world. While the price tag might be a big downer, it definitely has a lot to show for why that is. Its features didn’t come to play. The manufacturer had spent an incredible amount of time and effort in making sure this could be just the best crossbow for you.

With features such as the AcuDraw cocking device, and the  Kempf TEC SEER-LOC adjustable trigger, they’d invested in these tiny details to ensure it delivers. It is a stunning piece of craftsmanship and one that a lot of crossbow users would covet.