Selway Quiver San Diego Haunts On The Cheap Or Not!

San diego haunts cheap – or not! let me just start by saying, i love san diego. the place is beautiful! the weather was amazing. the beach is awesome. the food is delish. people are selway quiver cool. life is good! if you’ve never been, i highly recommend you put this place near the top of the bucket list. now i know what your thinking. yeah, san diego is a wonderful destination but this place is not cheap. i know i know! well i’m about to show you that you can explore all that haunted san diego has to offer without breaking the bank.

We’ll also throw in a few extras for those lucky people who have a little extra cash to blow. san diego has a kind of vibe to it (paranormally speaking). the best place to feel that vibe is in a part of the city called old town. selway quiver that’s where we begin our journey into the darker side of america’s finest city. the whaley house – built in 1857, it was the home of businessman, thomas whaley. homes are used not only as his personal residence, but also as a general store, courthouse and even a theater. this place is the stuff that legends are made from.

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I remember being a little kid and about the most haunted places in the us, the whaley house. even our own government has certified that this ghost factory to be, in fact, haunted. the house is on par with most other reportedly haunted places, many deaths and suicides throughout the year. however, many ghostly tales can not lay claim to being built on top of old public gallows. that’s right. people are strung up and hung right where the whaley house sits today. one of the ghosts said to haunt the house is the spirit of the infamous yankee jim.

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He met his fate at the end of the rope and the story goes that the yankee jim was a little too high for his own selway quiver good. instead of a quick, easy clean break of the neck, jim stopper for a few minutes while the tips of her toes was just able to touch the floor. needless to say the person who has run his ghost claim he was not a happy camper. in my humble opinion, is a must see while you’re here. a night tour will set you back $ 10 and a half for the kiddos.

The whaley house is located at 2476 san diego ave right in the heart of old town. do you have a question, give them a ring at 619-297-7511. el campo santo cemetery – ok you scared yet? if whaley house does not scare you too much bad, head down to san diego ave. the 2nd oldest cemetery in the city. founded in 1849, you can tell this place has some history. in fact, it was there in front of most of the people and as the city grew, it really grow right over the grave. be careful where you park your car around the cemetery.


You may be on top of a restless spirit. if your lucky you may even be able to catch a man hanging around the tombstones that can fill you in on who is buried there. so there you go, two haunts for the price of one. star of india – so our next journey takes us from sea to land. the star of india is the oldest iron hull sailing ship still active. the ship is said to be haunted by a young sailor by the name of john campbell. the story goes that he fell 125 feet off the main mast.

He survived the fall but died 3 days later the ship. this place has been visited by the taps crew, the popular tv show called ghost hunters. so it might be worth checking out. the star of india is located near downtown in san diego maritime museum. tours start around $ 12. the address is 1492 n. harbor drive and you can contact them at 619-234-9153. now if you have some extra money, there are many companies in san diego to do ghost tours. prices vary, so contact them if you are interested. haunted san diego ghost tours 800-632-3303 where to eat: the cheap: the alamo for mexican food and bergie’s pub for a burger.


Not so cheap: old town mexican cafe. a true tourist trap, so expect a wait. they make their own tortillas and they are awesome! plus it is selway quiver right across the street from the whaley house. did i mention the tortillas? jack and giulio for italian. casa guadalajara: also make their own tortillas and they have tasty margaritas. where to stay: the cheap: padre trail inn. if you are just looking for a shower and a place to lay your head after a long day of ghost hunting, this place is for you.

Do not expect more then that. do not worry about the pool, it’s cold and your room is probably not so much. their a / c touch and go. the location is the saving grace. you can enjoy all that old town has to offer in a very walkable distance, which is great when you’ve had way to many margaritas and ghosts following you home. you should be able to score a room here for around $ 50 per night. not so cheap: best western hacienda hotel old town. beautiful place. a great location in the heart of old town. this place will set you back about $ 150 a night.


Definitely not cheap: the horton grand hotel. a very nice hotel located in the gaslamp quarter. you can also get lucky and experience staying in room 309. the rooms and hallways are both said to be haunted by a famous gambler. nowhere near cheap: the one, the only, hotel del coronado. a work of art is the only way to describe this place. even if you can not afford to stay there, it’s worth the time to go check out this beautiful place. many reports of hauntings in the area only add to his mystique.

One last thought before i leave you to go check out balboa park. it may not be haunted to the best of my knowledge, but a good place to spend the day taking in the open areas and the beautiful architecture of the museum. best of all it will not cost you a dime. so there you have it. go out there and enjoy the haunted san diego.