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Leupold scope: american rifle scopes’ authority leupold & stevens takes the leading position in the worldwide market of hunting rifle scopes. how is this explained? leupold scope of the highest quality and reliability, flawless spin wing vanes performance in the most demanding conditions. leupold scopes is all about quality leupold has manufactured its first rifle scope far 1947. since that time all their ranges have lifetime warranty and it is the best proof of the reliability of the product leupold. usually most of the work guarantee if you are the original owner, but for leupold it does not matter.

Everyone is entitled to a fair deal. that is the mission of a company when it started to produce rifle scopes. the same principle we see leupold & stevens today. leupold will repair or replace any of rifle scopes if it fails. the maximum repair spin wing vanes term is 5 days, but it usually takes no more than a few days (including shipping time). every product is made subject to a strict quality control. leupold scopes are tested for strength in a special machine that simulates intensity during the shot. each jurisdiction will be tested during the intensity of 750 g. during the factory test must withstand 5000 cycles to ensure maximum durability and reliability.

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Leupold & stevens wanted to make sure that their coverage will not fail during hunting. according to them, no other company subject their products to such a severe test. optical manufacturers 2013 all hunters and professional shooters even admit the quality of the scopes. e. g. leupold & stevens optics manufacturer of the year in 2013 by the national association of sporting goods wholesalers (nasgw). to get the award that manufacturers should be the best of the following criteria: distribution policy, marketing, sales and promotion; logistics and operations; support in the industry.

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“the award is very important because it comes from the professionals – those who buy, sell, and use our products” spin wing vanes – said vice-president of marketing, andy york. leupold vx-6 scopes the range of coverage manufactured by leupold has significant economical in 2013. all the leading manufacturers the world has rifle scopes with 6: 1 zoom ratio. now leupold vx-6 series includes ten models: cds 1-6×24, 1-6×24 illuminated reticle cds, cds 2-12×42, 2-12×42 illuminated reticle cds, 3-18×44 side focus cds, cds 3-18×44 side focus illuminated reticle, 3-18×50 side focus cds, cds focus 3-18×50 side illuminated, side focus 4-24×52, 4-24×52 side focus cds.

Cds means custom dial system that allows you to make quick adjustments ballistic for specific loads, conditions and calibers. it is easier to change the dials moa click increment. side focus allows you to create parallax adjustment (focus your range) while you are looking trough range. both scopes 1-6×24 and 2-12×24 illuminated reticle cds include metric, so you can change dials with 1 cm click increment. leupold vx-6 scopes are built using quantum optical system technology and xtended twilight lens system that provides high brightness and contrast of the image. manufacturers are using lead free, environmentally friendly glass composition to minimize the wave front error and increase the resolution.


Imaging becomes razor sharp in any light conditions, even in the dawn and dusk hours. to implement xtended twilight lens system leupold uses various specific coating on each lens of their scope to optimize the transmission of low-light wavelength. human eyes are the most sensitive to the green wavelength. all manufacturers usually quote percentage of light transmission spectrum. but in twilight conditions blue / violet light to seize the green light. your eyes will not see much light of blue / violet spectrum. if your jurisdiction has cut too many of them will not be able to see anything.

Therefore xtended twilight lens system uses a lens coating that transmits the maximum light in the blue / violet spectrum without sacrificing light transmission in the visual spectrum. as a result leupold scopes give you imaging with greater meaning and luminance than any other scopes. vx-6 models with reticles illuminated with extra-light fire dot. hunter can adjust the brightness from 0 to 12. motion detector turns off the reticle illumination if your rifle does not move within 5 minutes. it turns the illumination on the first moving your rifle as well. 1947 leupold’s engineers first began to pump air out of the assembled rifle scopes and put dry nitrogen gas instead.


They did this to prevent the inner surface of the lens from fogging. today’s leupold specialists found another – even better way to avoid spin wing vanes the inner surface of the lens from possible condensation, instead of a nitrogen gas they pump the mixture of inert gases argon and krypton. leupold vx-r and hog scopes leupold vx-r scopes with fiber optics led system that allows use of illuminated reticle in daylight. furthermore, this technology ensures maximum light transmission and contrast of the reticle in lowlight conditions. a bright dot in that you shall be fully visible in daylight.

At the same time it is not very apparent in lowlight conditions. leupold is the only manufacturer of rifle scopes offer fiber optics led technology in combination with motion detectors. leupold vx-r has four variations of the reticle: duplex fire dot, dot circle fire, fire dot 4 dot fire and ballistic. dot illuminates the crosshairs after turning on. rest of the reticle remain dark. this allows fast and accurate aiming. hog leupold scopes are created exclusively for the passionate hunters boars. the new model series was introduced in 2012. it calls vx-r hog 1.25-4×20 fire dot and combines the advantages of the vx-r and hog scopes.


Fire dot pig plex reticle is created exclusively for this model. reticle is ideal for the terrain and conditions that favor wild boar. the rifle scopes mentioned above are not all that leupold scopes present series. they are noted for their innovations. leupold has incredibly various models of the range, which is very popular. there is not enough room in the overview of all of them in one article. there are more than enough material to write a whole book. currently leupold scope represented as follows hunter model: vx-1, vx-2, vx-3, vx-3l, vx 6, vx-r, hog, fx, rimfire / ultralight, gun / muzzleloader, handgun, competition, bow, prismatic, gunner.

Tactical range segment leupold offers the following models: mark 6, vx-r patrol, delta point reflex sights, mark 4 cq / t, mark 4 er / t, mark 4 hamr, mark 4 lr / t, mark 4 mr / t, mark 8, and mark ar tactical prismatic.