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Reading life is a beach once a year we want to get packed in the car, i mean packed, and head to wildwood, new jersey for a week at the beach. as far as i can remember we always rented the same house. it’s something to do with a friend spin wing vanes of my father. the house is small and within walking distance from the beach. it’s close enough that we could walk home for lunch and then come back for some more sun and sand. usually, there will be little to much sun and we need to have noxema cream rubbed on our shoulders and back.

I can still smell of the cream. outside next to the house is a shower so we can get the sand off before coming home. after dinner we go to the boardwalk and enjoy the shops and games along the way. i do not know how many times spin wing vanes we made the trip, but i know it’s not much. some of that had to do with money and some of my father’s deteriorating health. eventually, the family vacation took us on day trips to the lion or cedar lake, also in new jersey, but not as far. here they will be charged an entrance fee and then you choose a place close to the beach and just set up camp for the day.

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The water is called “cedar” and the water flow into the lake from an external stream. it is dark brown and faded everything it touched, including your skin. the part of the skin is not bad because it made it look like you had a great tan, at least until you showered. each lake has a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by lakes. in the water there are a couple of platform you can jump off and end with the actual diving boards. at the time the water is way over my head, to the side, but around the platform in a mature stand up without problems.

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Normally, we would like to get to our family and perhaps a few aunts and uncles and cousins. the first thing we did was unpack spin wing vanes the car and get everything set up. we always brought a grill, clothesline, lounge chairs and some cooler filled with soda, beer and the makings for sandwiches. every family outing, mom had her “pink bag”. this pink vinyl or plastic with a white draw string. he seemed to have everything in there. if someone needed a band-aid, it’s pink bag. if dad asked for matches to light the grill, they are pink bag.

If you need to tweezers or nail clippers, they are pink bag, next to the suntan lotion, ben-gay, sunglasses (for the whole family and some spares), washcloth, air pump and needle, toilet paper (just in case) and many other articles. i just know that if we are attacked by a bear in the lake, mom would tell someone to get the arrow out of the pink bag. it is very comforting to know that mom had her pink bag. it is always the first thing that anyone asks about when we arrive at our destination; mom, did you take the pink bag? i do not remember seeing this pink bag at home.


I do not remember ever seeing mom restock it, but it’s always there and always had what you needed. later as i grew up and began making trips with my friends, not my family, i would try to recreate what i remembered from our family vacation. for some reason going to the beach in wildwood or atlantic city, my friends, never made the same feelings when i went to the family. for something that we will never be able to get a cottage within walking distance from the beach. the public beaches has gotten much smaller and the boardwalk has changed.

The lake is also very different. the atmosphere is not the same as when i arrived there with my family. the water is not as deep, though it is the same color. something is missing. maybe it’s mom putting suntan lotion on my back that i missed or maybe the security of having a pink bag around. whatever it is, it is not the same as when i was with my family. well, as always, time went on. now i have a wife, kids and grandkids myself and once again the beach was enjoyable. it is not the same as when i was a kid.


Now we go to myrtle beach in south carolina, it is very commercial and finding a place on the beach to spend a week is too expensive. although there are several public beaches you can go to, you have to pay for parking. once you are on the beach that it usually makes for a great day. i love getting in the water and throwing the child around. i love walking on the beach and feel the sensation in my feet when the water takes sand from under them. although the sun on my back feels different than, say, working in the yard.

There are so many things i like about the beach; the plane banner, the wave, finding weird looking shell. it’s all great, but most of all i think i enjoy watching my family will be happy and that always seems to happen at the beach. tom stabler is a retired air force logistics specialist. he has traveled extensively, mostly in the middle east and central america. in his travels he gained experience and insight into a variety of topics.