Surelock Bow Sights Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Review

Those who do not play assassin’s creed 2 may be a little lost as far as the storyline in assassin’s creed brotherhood. at the end of assassin’s creed 2 ezio escaped the grasp of the evil templars. surelock bow sights assassin’s creed brotherhood still occupies desmond miles animus virtual reality device in the shoes of ezio auditore. ezio is now trying to defeat borgia and the templars to rebuild rome. i am not a big fan of the first or second game for that matter, so i do not know how well this game is going to play out for me personally.

Ubisoft did a much better job this go around with the franchise. many hours of gameplay to be had in assassin’s creed brotherhood from going through the story alone, with a vast amount of different side missions available from various surelock bow sights factions in the game. ezio is still helping leonardo as he did in assassin’s creed 2 to destroy the machine forced him to make the borgia for their conquest of rome. the world of assassin’s creed brotherhood is quite large and it takes time to run from mission to mission until the player is able to quickly build arrangements to travel later in the game.

Surelock bow sights – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Video Review

The city building feature assassin’s creed 2 is back and it’s more enjoyable, having been refined into a more complex strategic aspect of the gameplay. there are around 90 shops around the world that players will be able to rebuild, allowing them to get better upgrades, armor, weapons, weapon pouches, and much more. as far as the fight goes, i found it to be a little over the top. because over-powered counter system, there really is not any need for me to try attacking targets aggressive when i could not just stand there holding the button guard and press the counter as soon as they attack, instantly killing my assailant in a counter move.

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Some weapons are equally overpowered. when i finally bought the crossbow i was able to just sit on rooftops sniping out the enemy. i guess that makes sense, because ezio has a skilled and experienced assassin. regardless, i thought ubisoft could emphasize the combat system will go around the one thing that pissed me off for the rest of this damn game is the jumping mechanics. assassin’s creed brotherhood had me on the brink of rage quitting several times. i’d say ezio to leap forward, and he was left to jump, fall 50 feet, and immediately die.

I had to spend several hours on several missions involving stupid platforming that made me think i was playing uncharted 2 times, featuring wonky platforming mechanics same game. i had this same problem in the second assassin’s creed game, and it made me angry. i figured that this time around they fix the problem around chapter 6 game players get the option to buy big ass gauntlet glove from leonardo allowing ezio to climb faster, do more close-harm , and jump more accurate. until the player purchases glove though, it is in times of stress. other issues, assassin’s creed brotherhood is actually really good.


I really enjoyed the story and it just seems to go on and on forever, in a good way. lately most of the game ends around 8 hours but assassin’s creed brotherhood is enough here to warrant a full purchase. and let us not forget, we finally get multiplayer !!! multiplayer is amazing. matchmaking works well enough, which is a big plus. there are multiple game modes, my favorite being free for all. the feeling of siting on benches waiting for other players to run past and slowly getting up to shank them back is very satisfying.

They are different types of group mode. one mode has a defense team (running away) and trying to keep the other team from killing many of their teammates as possible for 5 minutes. players then switch sides and try to kill as many of the other teams as quickly as possible. overall i really did enjoy this game, besides faulty mechanics sometimes jumping. the end is a little confusing and not really elaborate on it so as not to spoil it for readers, but it is the players scratching their heads and saying what the hell? as i said i do not like the first two games, but i would definitely recommend picking up assassin’s creed brotherhood.

It’s great and keep players busy for 40 + hours if they are going for the platinum trophy.