Surelock Sights Bruised Reeds And Smoldering Wicks

Flogging reeds and smoldering wicks jesus is the tangible manifestation of the love of god. he did not reject anyone who comes to him by faith. even long before he came as a man, revealed surelock sights through the prophet isaiah his loving and merciful nature – “a bruised reed he will not break, and smoking flax he will not quench” (isaiah 42: 3; matthew 12:20) . why did isaiah the two items to represent broken humanity? pen and lights in ancient times, the middle east people used to make reeds pens.

This hollow plant allows the ink to flow smoothly and so did the writing on papyrus papers you. when a bruised reed, the ink will leak and thereby render it useless. in most instances, the ancient writer would break the bruised reed, surelock sights and disposal. like a pen, the reed is an instrument of expression. therefore, i like to think of reeds as representing our voice and expression capabilities. only a dead person does not voice his opinion or share his feelings. the first thing that satan wants to do is to stop us from sharing and expressing our ideas, especially when we speak for the kingdom of god.

Surelock sights – Bruised Reeds & Smoldering Wicks

He will make every effort to cut off our network of friends and separate us so that we will be discouraged. a dimly burning wick or a smoldering wick symbol of our usefulness and the ability to shine for the lord. it is no doubt that we were created to shine for jesus but when we fall into sin, we would be wick smoldered. we shine bright anymore. that’s when the enemy of our souls seeks to end the light. he is by encouraging people around us say disparaging words or spread malicious gossip about us.

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When we’ve allowed all these words and gossip into our hearts, we will become bitter and angry. please note that this surelock sights is not gossips or criticisms that smolder our wicks but how we react to them that would end our light. bad influence of bitterness is a missionary, returned to america after giving forty years of his life to serve in africa, became very discouraged when he learned that some people do not think much about his sacrifice. the new official denomination made some policy changes that greatly reduced his pension and retirement benefits.

Soon the former missionary has become a very bitter man and refused to talk about the ministry at all. he even went to church all together. her son told me that his father was not fully recover and died a broken man. when i learned about that, my heart grieved. although the official denomination is insensitive to the needs of the missionaries, this is the mission, in itself, allowing bitterness to take hold of his life. i told myself that what happened, i had to guard my heart against bitterness and unforgiveness. no matter how bleak the situation, jesus was the one that will not break the bruised reed or quench the smoldering wick.


If god has blessed you to be in a position to help someone else, please do so. can you show god some people who are bruised badly by fault or situation and you should always be prepared to be god’s hands extended in love and charity. it does not take a lot of effort to judge other people but it takes a tremendous blessing to extend the love of god. let me share with you a story about a pastor made tremendous impact on the lives of many by extending the love of god to those who are down-and-out or crash.

The welcoming unwelcome pastor tommy barnett of phoenix first assembly of god, shared about a time when his deacons will not appreciate having “street people” in his church. he had just joined the church as the new pastor and some of the old deacons are challenging his wisdom and power. they wanted him to remove the “street people” from their “respectable church family” or else they will leave the church. most deacons are the big tithers offend and it would mean a loss of much revenue for the church. however, barnett felt the need to make a stand for what is right.


He believes that even the “street people”, dirty, as they are, still need the opportunity to hear the word of god. he decided to love god surelock sights for these people superseded the unreasonable demands of his deacons. the end result is that the deacon who got their families out of the church. barnett was not troubled by this group of self-righteous people and went on to build one of the largest churches in america. he built bus routes throughout poor neighborhoods and brought thousands of poorer people in the church. its easter and christmas pageants are among the best in the world.

I was there to watch one of his sermons and illustrated out very impressed. it was he who convinced me to go back to singapore and build a big congregation. her pastors school also incomparable because it taught only theories but practical applications. barnett said, “the success of pastors school was a big surprise to me. i think it’s because we do things pastors can do. not all pastors can be genius or great bible scholar or orators, but you they all have character and do the work of ministry. ” restoring the fallen barnett helped restore disgraced evangelist preachers like jim bakker and pastor jack wallace.


When bakker was in prison, barnett and billy graham are among the few ministers who are willing to visit him. then bakker was released from prison, barnett and his los angeles dream center provided an avenue for bakker to return to the christian ministry. jack wallace barnett’s right-hand man for ten years. after extensive orthopedic surgery, wallace became addicted to prescription painkillers. he confessed his addiction and as a result, he found himself rejected by some members of the church and people from his sect. wallace said, “some people ditched me because i’d fallen from grace .

.. they stopped calling.” however, throughout his ordeal, barnett stayed close and helped him handle the rejection. later, wallace felt the call to pastor a church and it was barnett immediately supported his decision and helped him. there have been many embarrassing rejections but with barnett’s encouragement, he took the pastor of a dying church in detroit. wallace changed the name of the church “detroit world outreach” and worked with six members of the church who came every wednesday night. now, eight years later, the church has grown to over 10,000 worshipers every weekend. it is also the largest provider of free food to the poor in michigan.


It provides more than 5 million pounds of food annually and that works out to 2,300 truckloads container. as wallace learned from barnett about bus ministry, the same bus 1,500 children to church every sunday. mother teresa of los angeles barnett’s love for people is real and he will go all the way to help them. at 57 years old, she found another church, the dream center, a tough area of ??los angeles. although there are other more lucrative offers to establish a church in up-class area, he refused to accept. he said he preferred to serve areas where some ministers wanted to go.

The dream center is reaching poor people in every possible way. within five years, it has worship, feeding programs, job training, children education and even a hospice for the dying of aids. pastor ted haggard’s new life church in colorado springs, colorado said that barnett was the “mother teresa of los angeles”. he was very impressed by barnett pastors school, “all the others talk about the system and structure of the program, but only tommy’s school, exclusive, coach people on how to love one another … barnett’s name is synonymous with caring for people. ” barnett loves to help the fallen and disgraced servant of god.


He did not leave his old friend, evangelist jimmy swaggart even after very public fall from grace late. he explained why he would rather be standing by those who have fallen or hate, “it is worth it to trust people. some will make it, and some do not. but you never know who except if you give them all the time. a lot of ministries in our church fail, but a lot of them rise up. “here’s a fellow who knows how to allow the love of god flowed through him and his ministry.

Pray that we will learn to be as generous and loving as pastor barnett let. his life and ministry has been effective because he has learned to be like christ. we must also do – become more like christ – we must always make every effort surelock sights to bring restoration and healing of . reverend albert kang received his master of divinity in 1985 from far east advanced school of theology (now known as asia pacific theological seminary), a bible seminary belonging to the assemblies of god. god used him to initiate 16 churches and 3 orphanages in asia and the usa. his first church in singapore has grown from 23 people to 1,700 within six years.

For 7 years, he has served in cambodia where he planted a cambodian church and 3 orphanages. he then co-founded a new church in pittsburgh, pa before returning to singapore in 2001.