Thunderhorn Archery Archery Topic If US Institutes Gun Control Bow And Arrow Purchases Will Skyrocket

Archery topic – if the us institutes gun control, bow and arrow purchases will skyrocket not long ago, there was a terrible shooting at a school in connecticut. this is an elementary school, thunderhorn archery and many of the children killed were only six years old, a terrible tragedy and travesty. how can something like that happen you ask? many are now calling for stricter gun control laws. in fact the president of the united states of america will use this opportunity to put his personal agenda, and the agenda of anti-gun group to take away the right of america to own a gun.

First, they can attempt to remove only assault rifles, but eventually they will want all the guns as they have done in other countries. speaking from the historical record, about the worst thing that can happen is for a government to take your guns, because that prevents them from worrying about more harsh policies, laws and regulations in the future. our government that taxes us too much, trying to control our lives too much, and tries to become our lifelong nurse. the people become hopeless, and they rely on the government for far too many things. have you noticed that socialism has crept in with the political correctness that far too many people who have a severe case of low self-esteem? many now want to take away the guns of the americans, thinking it might help prevent these kinds of violent acts.

Thunderhorn archery – How Far Will a Bow & Arrow Kill?

But it’s really, like really work? it is doubtful, because if they carry the guns, people will develop better crossbows, weapons that can fire multiple arrows very fast and easy to reload. there are many ways that an insane killer can not think of if they want to cause a mass extinction event. they can use knives, bows and arrows, or guns. if they do not have guns, they could use the poison, derail a train, drive a truck into a building, or to hijack a bus and drive it off a bridge.

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If we were to take away the guns of the americans; then what? the next violent acts can be done with bows and arrows, so does that mean we have to stop the sport of archery? if we take away people guns mean that we no longer have target shooting at the olympics? if we take away the guns, archery sales will skyrocket in the next day. but eventually they will come for those too. that’s always how authoritarian regimes work. the more you give up, the more they take, the more they tax, and the more they will take control of your life until you do not have any freedom, liberty, and forget trying to pursue happiness at that point.

In fact, let me ask you a question; you see my point yet?