Whack Em Broadheads Backyard Olympics

A great summer time activity is to organize a for the neighborhood kids or just for your family. it can be as simple or complex as you like depending on the age of the children involved. set up a circuit with stations where participants whack em broadheads perform certain activities such as jumping rope or throwing a ball at each station. the participants were timed to the completion of the circuit and can perform either individually or in teams. an adult or other responsible person to be selected to run the time clock and accurately record the time of each participant.

A ceremony awarding the winners with handmade gold, silver and bronze medals (a separate project) can finish the work day. the number of stations and difficulty of implementation will depend on the availability of equipment in your garage and the level of skill / performance of your participants. depending on the size of your yard, separate circuits can be set up for young children ages 3-6 and older children 7-12. if adults and children over 12 participated, the circuit can be added to or increased poverty. circuit ideas for younger children 3-5 can include: station 1: a sandbox, if available, with a bucket and shovel in which the participants were filled with sand before moving on.

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Station 2: set up cones course with activities for participants to run or bike through (you can also use a tricycle or scooter). station 3: set up a mini-trampoline that the participants have to move to a set number of times (5 for 3yr olds, 10 for 4-5 year olds, 20-25 for 6 years old , etc…) . station 4: participant goes through a crawl through the tunnel. station 5: bean ball throw in a bucket that needs 2 balls for 3-4 years. old, 4 balls for 4-5 years. old. the participants were then running to the finish line.

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Circuit ideas for older children 7-12 may include: station 1: from the starting line, ride a scooter on a mini-trampoline where participants jumps on the trampoline 25 times. station 2: set up a croquet station where the participants have to hit the ball with a short course. station 3: soccer ball kick stations where participants kicks a soccer ball through a course set up cones and activity pop up in a net. station 4: bow and target. at this station the participant uses a bow and arrow and shoots darts at a target safety.

The number of shots required can be determined by the game planners. station 5: football throw or kick. this station, there needs to be a miniature goal posts set up and the participants can throw or kick a football through the post. station 6: at this station the participant hops with a foam hop scotch game and finishes by navigating a crawl through the tunnel. station 7: frisbee toss. at this station the participant tosses a flying disc to pop up a net or cardboard box. station 8: slip n ‘slide to finish. participants finish the race and cools down at the same time by navigating slip n ‘slide.

Many variations can be made in the number and type of circuits, but having done it in our backyard and experience the fun and excitement created, it is not so much about the circuits like it is the thrill of participation and doing one’s best.