Wick Stick Stabilizer Epic Rhyme For My Brothers Rangers Lead The Way!

Epic rhymes: for my brothers – rangers lead the way! i wish it was 1982 when the rangers told me i was through, take leave, say adios to your crew, put on your old street shoes, and get out there, go home, blues dance. said they wick stick stabilizer would take a week off, get lucky, find yourself a girl, and maybe get yourself off, going all the way as fred biletnikoff wound up tighter than an eight-day clock. strut your color at home, doc, let them all with fear while you rock, you’re the bad boy on the block i wish it was 1983, when i got to visit grenada, flying free, ranger fedak is hung from the door kind of carefree, gee, fun feeling like a draftee in a black sea, screaming look at me so i stopped sua sponte` ranger and airborne school to learn my ab c’s and dropped from ungawaa, a 250 foot tree i wish i could do it all over again, and not just think about what it was like back then, back when i had a call to duty, and every waking day is sure to be a doozy, sincerely, living a top secret life, like a top secret movie, but young and dumb always looking for a cutie, and had the wrong idea about pillaging booty.

I wish i knew now what i should have known then, i would have been more serious about being born again, i ended my day with a lucky amen, awesome more proud to be a ranger, one presidents men. i wish it was 1984, my feet wick stick stabilizer and knees at the door, counting down 6 5 4 while standing at the door making sure not to look toward the floor of the earth in all i strapped on my core. falling down from the sky at night, in a t-10 parachute, eyes open, mouth dry, no lie, hoping to land safely so that i can do or die, but i will try, and see what you thought it wanted to fly.

Wick stick stabilizer – Are You Sleeping Brother John – 3D Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Children

I wish it was 1985, when i asked christ to keep me alive, breaking out like i was stung by beehives, i was close to getting my last dive. swollen inside and out, almost unconscious without a doubt, this is my ranger buddy vacchio, so glad he knew the route, a layout he ensured the doc checked me out, this is not no gout, i was very soon to swim with the fish, like a dead trout, or like pushing up daisies, seed dying, so it can sprout, if it was not for him, who let out a scream, i was in my way out, lights out.

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I wish it was 1986, from the ranger barracks, i saw the challenger fall to the ground like a ton of bricks, “go with throttle up”, the last word, and that was the last we heard, before they grow up because the birds, and now after 25 years, and all the tears, i got a friend named carl mcnair, he had a brother who dreamed to dare, but lost him that day, astronaut ronald mcnair. i wish it was 1987, when i had a job made in heaven, i took over at the ranger school for rickey brown, he trained me to be the narrator in the new town, and i was clown.

Once i got to recite the ranger creed from my heart, it is not for me, but everyone thought i was so smart, they called me smooth as silk, like i’m fine art, i’m kind of bold, like humphrey bogart dancing in the dark, wick stick stabilizer but i had missed, my team is ready with a purple heart, my reward for a beat down sure to leave a mark. me, max and cpt. lafaro, showed them all from the pit, that airborne rangers will not take no s ** t, recognizing that i volunteered as a ranger, code name organizer, we are no stranger to danger.


This is all part of the show, me, max, and lafaro, showed them how far a ranger would go, bare hands, an ax, a pick, a bow or a hoe, land, sea, air or snow, though, for us the fight is truly an art, like a van gogh, so, if you think i’m schmo, cause i talk kind of slow, think of us as much as the scarecrow, and you got to gorge. i wish it was 1988 me and ranger phillips dragged our transams matter how late, i later went home to dinner on a plate and eat, he went to iraq i am so glad he did not come back in a crate.

Unlike my friend carl fuller, was killed in action in his second tour, after 2004, when a 600 pound ied, sent him to heaven door she always wanted more, thought it civil life is such a bore, so he reenlisted, insisted, he could not prevent it, said he missed it, his body lay blown apart, completely blistered. i used to tell him, man, stop chasing cheddar retirement, but he is still tab after that, trying to make his life better, but sadly on 7/24/05 he got to meet the ranger creator, and not a day goes by that i wish he never fell into the giant crater.


I miss my brother, during the war rustlers, some still standing, the best laid down with the others, leaving behind, daughter, wife and mother, the creed, a special race, so like a dying seed, but always rangers first, even when they bleed. defense in the world, by attacking the enemy, even if it means it could be the end of me, what else can we be, but we are all, by land, air, or sea, a creamy, to end a killing spree, not for a fee, but to set the captives free, to your part.

Three, the father, the son and the holy spirit, living the life of the creed, no smoke and mirrors, the rangers start a mission, as soon as they hear it, a good spit and chew for a few, to help it hit. and do not stop til they know they have been cleared, it’s all written down, passed around, as in a story, but lordy, all of this is to honor god, and give him the righteous glory . rangers always, lead the way.