Yew Longbow U Parker 2011 Concorde Crossbow Review

Parker crossbows, which has been recognized in recent years as one of the fastest growing crossbow manufacturer in america, recently attracted the attention of hunters everywhere when it unveiled its Yew Longbow U 2011 concorde model with an innovative auto-cocking system in the recent west virginia hunting and fishing show. the bow is the latest victory for the west virginia-based bow manufacturer, which has earned an excellent reputation for its innovative design. the company was founded in 1985 by bob everett. ironically enough, crossbows are illegal in the state for the general public hunting, but the technology is legal for use by physically disabled hunters with a class y or class yy license.

The patented quick draw system automatically cocks and uncocks the bow with the touch of a button is conveniently located on the stock, with a co2-powered internal mechanism. co2 is provided by a standard bottle 9oz easily changed, and each bottle allows the bow cocked up to fifty times at room temperature or 10 times at a temperature of 10 degrees fahrenheit. this makes using the concorde easy and effortless, even for the greenest hunter. and the cocking process is quick, lasting no more than a few seconds while the string suppressor ensures whisper-quiet operation, ensuring that you do not scare your victim away.

Yew Longbow U – Parker Concorde Crossbow review

2011 concorde is also extremely powerful, with a draw weight of £ 175 and a power stroke of the 9.6-inch, capable of launching arrows with a speed of up to 300 fps. the time has come to one side “vista” camo pattern that is extremely soft to the touch for comfortable handling. and the whole package is extremely compact, with a stock length of just 34-1 / 2 “and an axle to axle diameter of 19-inches. the concorde is available in two packages: the outfitter package lets you to choose from four types of ranges: 3 dots (red or green) optics, 3x multi-reticule scope, illuminated multi-reticule scope and the pin-point range.

Yew Longbow U_0215240

The premium perfect storm package gives you everything you need to start hunting concorde, including your choice of an illuminated multi-reticule scope or pin-point range (available as a special option on request), six red-hot high speed bolts, six crosspro 100 broadheads, six 100g matching weight field points, a roller rope cocker, a bow sling, a wax and lube kit and a bow case. the concorde also has parker’s patented g2 trigger technology, which allows b flatulence fired either left or right hand and an average trigger pull of only four pounds.

And like all the parker products, it comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner as well as the excellent customer service that ensures that most of the bow sent back for servicing will be returned within 24 hours. when using the parker concorde, however, care must be taken because the mechanism is extremely sensitive. make sure that the kerf and bolt is properly aligned to prevent dry firing, which may damage the bow. and arrow used in the concorde should be a minimum of 400 grains for safe firing.